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Urinal Dividers for Commercial Bathroom Stalls and Partitions

Urinal dividers are commonly used in the men’s bathroom to offer more privacy in commercial buildings. In most cases, the urinal divider is placed between multiple urinals or it is placed between a urinal and a sink.

Urinal dividers offer many different widths and heights depending on your needs. The heights vary from 42”-58” and the widths of the panels range between 12”-76”.

Commercial urinal dividers are available in a variety of material types including powder coated steel, plastic laminate, solid plastic, stainless steel, and solid phenolic. 

Mounting options for urinal dividers:

  • Floor mounted privacy screens offer better support; the panels have a floor-mounted pilaster at the end, which is mounted to the panel for extra strength.
  • Floor to ceiling 10’ post and panel are the best way to keep a clean look in the bathrooms with options of extra wide privacy’s. Panels are 12”-76” wide x 58” height.
  • Overhead braced floor mounted dividers have a pilaster that is mounted to the floor and uses an aluminum head rail to keep the top at 82” stabilized and secure. Panels are 12”-76” wide x 58” height.

Shipping options:

Delivery times can range between four business days to four weeks. This timeframe will be dependent on the manufacturer selected. Normal urinals ship out in 48 hours and are delivered to you within one week.

We can provide recommendations for obtaining your partitions quicker. Some brands do offer next day shipping on certain materials with up charges.