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Urinal Splash

Urinal splash plates are commonly used in the men’s bathroom to offer more protection for the panels. The urinal splash plate is screwed onto the partition panel to cover up and/or protect it.

Urinal splash plates are available in many sizes, with the selected size based on space available for the surface mount.  

Mounting and sizing options for urinal splash plates:

  • Steel Pop rivets
  • Security screws
  • 16”x41
  • 22-1/2”x41”
  • 24”x36”
  • 36”x36”
  • 30”x36”
  • Urinal splash plates are only available in a stainless steel material.

Shipping options:

  • Delivery times can range between one week to two weeks. Normal urinal splash plates ship out in 48-72 hours and are delivered to you quickly.
  • We can provide recommendations for obtaining your partitions quicker. Some brands do offer next day shipping on certain materials with up charges.