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Lyon Locker

When a business has lockers set up for employees, students or visitors, there is someone who is officially in charge of managing and looking after these lockers. If this person is you, then you have come to the right page.

With lockers that are being frequently used, you are bound to run into some broken parts after a while. RBA sells just the locker parts that you can use as a substitute for the old locker parts that were originally set up.

Our selection of reasonably priced Lyon locker hardware is the perfect place to turn to when your Lyon locker lacks adequate Lyon locker hardware. Our website allows our customers to conveniently order Lyon locker hardware on a regular basis. Our hope is that this leaves customers with more time as they will not be subjected to traveling to several stores in order to obtain Lyon locker hardware.

Lyon Locker Replacement Parts

Latch clips are one of the common types of Lyon locker hardware that are prone to breakage. The Lyon latch clip we have in stock is the perfect solution. Used with Lyon lock bars, Lyon latch clips are essential to locker assembly. 

Lyon locker handles are also important Lyon locker replacement parts that will need to be repaired or replaced immediately. Because Lyon locker handles are used to access the inside of the locker, it is necessary to order new Lyon locker handles as soon as possible when the old handles break or wear. We have the best Lyon locker handles and Lyon locker hardware to solve this problem.

One of the Lyon locker handles we carry is the Old Style Lyon Metal Handle. These Lyon locker handles were originally used from 1957 to 1965. The Lyon Expanded Metal Turn Handle on the other hand started to be used in 1973 and is still being used today. 

Other Lyon locker handles include right-handed handles, left-handed handles, recess handles and more. We carry separate Lyon locker hardware that goes with the Lyon locker handles, as well. So if you’re only in the market for a locker handle case, a specific screw, or other Lyon locker parts that go with your Lyon locker handles, we have an assortment of Lyon locker parts for handles to choose from.

About Lyon Locker Hardware Manufacturer

Lyon LLC officially started in 1901. Back then, the company manufactured assorted metal products. Around 1953 is when Lyon workshop lockers became accessible to the general public. 

Our staff at RBA turned to Lyon LLC and their century’s worth of metal manufacturing experience to provide us with stellar Lyon locker hardware that we could sell to consumers. Now, we have a compilation of Lyon locker hardware available for the choosing spanning three pages of our RBA website.

Setting Up Your Lyon Locker Hardware 

Allow us to provide you with assistance when picking out your Lyon locker hardware. We can easily help you out with ordering the proper Lyon locker hardware for your lockers. We will go above and beyond to make sure that you receive the right Lyon locker parts for your needs.

After receiving your Lyon locker hardware, you may still need help with assembly. When assembling your Lyon locker hardware, be sure to look over the Lyon Locker Installation Instructions for guidance.

For other questions about your Lyon locker hardware order, please email or call us at 1 (800) 642-2403. Our staff members have the necessary experience to ensure that your order of Lyon locker parts is exactly what you had in mind.

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  1. Lyon Metal Locker 60" St Lock Bar, 53-1/4" Length

    Lyon Metal Locker Single Tier Lock Bar for 60" locker, length 53-1/4". Used September 2004 - Current.
    Comes with 3 nano rollers, recess lift and trigger. Also known as RH679460.

  2. Lyon Metal Locker 72" st Lock Bar 56-1/2" Length

    Lyon Metal Locker Single Tier Lock Bar, Used Sept 1981 - Current. Comes with 3 wire springs. Also known as 6787.

  3. Lyon Metal Locker 72" st Lock Bar 56-1/2" Length

    Lyon Metal Locker Single Tier lock bar, 56-1/2" in length. Used Feb 1980 - Sept 1981.
    3 Wire Springs included. Also known as 6775.

  4. Lyon Metal Locker Recess st Lock Bar 72", 56-1/2" Length

    Lyon Metal Locker Recess Single Tier Lock Bar for a 60" ht locker and 56-1/2" in length. Used in 1988 - September 2004.
    Comes with 3 latch springs, recess lift and trigger. Also known as RH678772.

  5. Lyon Metal Locker 72" st Lock Bar, 53-1/4" Length

    Lyon Metal Locker Single tier Lock Bar, Used Sept 2004 - Current. Comes with nano roller, recess lift and trigger. Also known as RH679472.

  6. Lyon Metal Locker 72" st Lock Bar 68-1/2" Length

    Lyon metal Locker Lock Bar for 72"ht locker, Used in April 1960 - Feb 1980. Includes 3 wire springs. Also known as DD67352LB.

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