Handless Window Handles
Selling Handless Window Handles for the past 40 years!
Also known as Custodial Window Locks

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  1. Handless Lock Handle

    Handless Lock Handle

    Handle with 1/8" hex shaft for use for the handless window locks.

    As low as $19.05
  2. Handless Truth Window Lock

    Handless Truth Window Lock

    Truth 28.17 Handless Window Lock, die cast and steel construction. Powder coated paint.

    Aluminum only

    As low as $18.98
  3. Handless Window Lock 1-3/8"

    Handless Window Lock 1-3/8"

    This handle has a cast white bronze with a brushed nickel finish construction with a 1-3/8" center to center screw spacing. The handle has a 9/32" lockup, or distance between the base plane and the under side of the tongue. 1/8" allen screw will lock the handle so it can not be opened. This handle is ideal for schools, hospitals, and any other institution that is trying to lower heating and cooling costs by keeping the windows shut.

    As low as $18.03
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