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Order your Tennsco locker parts right here online. Purchase your new Tennsco locker parts from the comfort of your couch or desk and we will have them delivered to your home or business. We carry an extensive assortment of inexpensive Tennsco locker parts that you can use as replacement hardware for the lockers in your school, hospital, fitness center or another business. 

We have several types of Tennsco locker parts in stock at our Troy warehouse and ready to be shipped out. Tennsco lockers and Tennsco locker parts are commonly used in organizations and businesses across the U.S. today. Whether you work in a hospital, gym, educational center or somewhere that has employee lockers, you will likely come across Tennsco locker parts at some point during your career.

If you need to replace a Tennsco handle or another Tennsco locker part on a locker that has been installed in your facility, then you’re already headed in the right direction to making those repairs. Choose from our selection of handles, door jambs, nylon latch fingers, padlock receivers, springs, lock bar plastic clips and other Tennsco locker parts and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Most of the Tennsco locker parts that we sell online are currently in stock and all set to ship out after you place your order. An in stock Tennsco locker part will be shipped the same day you ordered when you buy your items on a weekday. Tennsco locker part orders that are placed on weekends will take a few more days to ship because our regular hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Popular Tennsco Locker Parts

It’s important to know that many locker manufacturers, including Tennsco, make a specific type of locker handle that requires the use of a lock bar. A lock bar is hardware that will be connected to a plastic clip that is prone to breakage. These plastic clips are very affordable and easy to replace.

We carry Tennsco’s Lock Bar Plastic Clip. This clip can also be used as a replacement for an older product known as the Spiral Pin. Although it can be used as a Tennsco locker part, it can also be used with lockers that were produced by Wilson, Republic Steel and Penco brands.

Choose Your Tennsco Locker Door Parts

Take a look at the Tennsco locker parts that we have for sale online. Aside from the Locker Lock Bar Plastic Clip, we have a handful of Tennsco locker parts that could be used as replacement pieces on your commercial lockers. This includes a few styles of Tennsco brand handles.

One of these handles is the Tennsco Recessed Handle. Recessed locker handles do not stick out of the locker like many handles do, but rather they stick inward. These particular Tennsco locker parts help with preventing locker vandalization as they cannot be easily broken off.

Aside from handles, we have a number of other Tennsco locker parts that you might need. Whether it be the Tennsco Spring, the Tennsco Padlock Receiver, the Tennsco Door Jamb or the Tennsco Nylon Latch Finger, we have just the replacement Tennsco locker parts that are perfect for your commercial lockers.

If you know for certain which Tennsco locker parts you require for your locker repairs, please feel free to Add To Cart at any time and proceed to Check Out. We are eager to get you one step closer to repairing the lockers that are located in your school, gym, employee locker room or other facility.

Tennsco Locker Parts Brand

Tennsco has been making lockers and other storage solutions for over 50 years in Dickson, Tennessee and they continue building their business today. The company is family-owned and has eight manufacturing plants that are located in Dickson.

The manufacturer has proven to be a leading producer of worthwhile storage products time and time again. The products that they make include lockers, book shelves, filing cabinets and more. Here at RB Lockers, it is our pleasure to provide a convenient online source for buying Tennsco locker parts.

More Tennsco Locker Parts Details

Ask us what you want to know about the Tennsco locker parts that we carry. We can provide you with detailed information about a specific Tennsco locker part and advice about which products you should order to make the best of your repair situation. Our experts have been working with this hardware for many years and we have had the pleasure of witnessing the quality features of these parts.

Please reach out to us on weekdays during our usual business hours. We are happy to offer assistance to any customer who needs it, whether you have a price related inquiry or a question regarding shipping and handling. Our staff is committed to making your shopping experience with us as quick and simple as possible.

If you would like some of your questions answered, give us a call at 1 (800) 642-2403. You can also send us a message via Live Chat or email us at JameyG@RobertBrooke.com with a summary of your questions. Our professional staff members will provide you with the expert answers and advice that you seek in no time. 

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  1. Lock Bar Plastic Clip

    Lock Bar Plastic Clip, Used with Penco, Republic and Wilson lockers. Replaces old Spiral Pin. Also known as 4630, 74003, pn3304, lp8831. The dimensions are 1/2" head, for 3/16" hole on lock bars to keep them vertical.

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