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Partition Parts

Robert Brooke & Associates is a leading commercial bathroom stall hardware parts provider with over 35 years of experience in the stalls and toilet partition hardware industry. We have worked with various organizations throughout the years to provide them with everything they need for their commercial restrooms including bathroom partition hardware. We have had the pleasure of distributing bathroom stall hardware for schools, churches, athletic centers and other facilities with heavy restroom traffic.

We sell a variety of bathroom stall hardware including but not limited to brackets, coat hooks, door pulls, hinges, latches, keepers and stoppers. For high-quality, affordable commercial bathroom stall hardware, look no further than Robert Brooke & Associates.

Restroom Stall Parts Manufacturers

If you like to purchase bathroom stall hardware and equipment from reputable brands, you’ll be pleased to know that we carry hardware from some of the most trusted restroom stall hardware manufacturers in the industry. You can be confident when placing your order with us knowing that we only sell restroom stall parts from highly respected brands. 

The manufacturers that we distribute parts from produce strong and durable bathroom stall hardware that lasts for a long time. These are United States and Canadian companies whose main focus is manufacturing quality-made restroom stall hardware for consumers. A few of these restroom stall hardware brands also have an extended inventory that includes washroom accessories.

As suppliers of the Grade A products that these brands create, we are used to seeing satisfied customers who order bathroom stall hardware from our online store. Let us know if you come up with any questions about one of the restroom stall parts brands and we will assist you promptly. 

Our Bathroom Stall Parts Supply

We have many parts to choose from in our supply of bathroom partition hardware. Be sure to choose the correct bathroom stall hardware before you place your order. 

A specific brand of bathroom stall door hardware might only be of good use on that specific brand of stall, so check the name tag on your toilet stalls before shopping for your parts. For example, you will only be able to use an Accurate Bolt Latch Slide Pin on metal stalls that were manufactured by the Accurate brand. 

We also sell other bathroom stall door hardware that will only work on stalls made out of a specific material. The Flush Metal Top Hinge Pin ⅜ inch X 3-¼ inch is one example of restroom stall hardware that was made to be used on laminate stalls. You will find that some of the other bathroom partition hardware we carry should only be used on laminate stalls.

There are some bathroom stall parts that we sell that will work with more than one brand of partitions. For example, the Cast Stainless Steel Slide Bolt Latch that is 1-½ inch W X 3-¼ inch L, 2-¾ inch between screws is a piece of stainless steel bathroom stall hardware that can be used on both Accurate and Global stalls.

We have pages and pages of bathroom stall hardware to look through. If you already know exactly what restroom stall hardware you need, then you might want to make it easier by narrowing your search in our Search Bar. To get more information on our supply of bathroom stall parts, please visit our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog.

Questions About Bathroom Stall Hardware

Please direct your bathroom stall hardware related inquiries to our main office by phone call or email. The team at Robert Brooke & Associates is ready to answer your questions about the bathroom stall door hardware that we carry. 

Please contact us during business hours so that we can help you out if you get stuck on something while shopping our bathroom stall door hardware selection. Call our phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or send an email to one of our professionals at

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