Working with lockers means that you probably come across Edsal lockers sometimes while performing your job duties. Lockers of all brands will reach a point when their hardware will become run-down or even unusable. When this happens, purchasing Edsal locker replacement parts will be essential so that you can do away with old, overused Edsal locker parts.

Having an Edsal locker hardware distributor will be beneficial when the original Edsal locker hardware begins to fall apart. We have been distributing locker parts for years and we have a wide selection of Edsal locker hardware that you can skim through on our Edsal locker hardware page.

Order your Edsal locker hardware from our e-commerce locker parts site. We will ship Edsal locker hardware in the United States, Canada and also to your international location.

Edsal Locker Replacement Parts

Choose the Edsal locker handles that will fit nicely with your Edsal locker. We have Edsal Locker Lodec Black Handles, Edsal Locker Lodec Brown Handles and the Edsal Locker Recess Handle.

The make and model of Edsal locker handles will determine which kind of locker the Edsal locker hardware typically goes with. For example, the stainless steel Edsal Locker Recess Handles were made to be used with citadel lockers. If you are uncertain of which Edsal locker handles will fit the best with your Edsal lockers, please contact us about Edsal locker hardware specialties by phone so that we can give you professional assistance. 

Other Edsal locker hardware that might need to be switched out after a while include Edsal lock bars. We sell Edsal lock bars that are 32 inches and 52 inches. Both Edsal lock bars come with necessary attachments such as nylon latch clips, a lifter and springs. 

Our stock is not limited to full Edsal lock bars either. We carry single nylon Edsal latch clips for those who only need to replace the clip on their Edsal locker hardware. This white Edsal latch clip can also be used with lockers that were manufactured by other popular locker brands.

Plus, let’s not forget the Edsal coiled spring. A coiled spring is basically what keeps a locker door from staying open. We have replacement Edsal coiled springs in stock for a low price.

We also have Edsal plastic retainer buttons available as well as the Edsal magnetic catch. The magnetic catch is another important type of Edsal locker hardware meant for keeping a locker door closed.

Company Profile for Edsal Lockers

RBA takes pleasure in distributing Edsal locker hardware from the trusted manufacturer. For more than 50 years, Edsal has been creating top-of-the-line storage lockers and Edsal locker hardware. The company spreads its production efforts among their seven hardware manufacturing plants in order to arrive at Grade A results.

Contact Edsal Locker Hardware Distributors

Please inquire about Edsal locker hardware at your convenience. We will answer all questions regarding orders and Edsal locker hardware product details. 

For more information on payment method, shipping charges, product information and delivery times, call Robert Brooke at 1 (800) 642-2403. If phone calls aren’t your style, shoot us an email at JameyG@RobertBrooke.com so that you can be on your way to receiving valuable customer support.

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  1. Edsal Locker Nylon Catch Clip

    Edsal Locker Nylon Latch Clip, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8651, 60501, 4125, 74016, pn3310, lp8827, ls645.
  2. Lyon Metal Locker Handle Assembly rh

    Lyon Metal Locker Handle Assembly for right handed lockers, facing the locker if the hinges are on the right side then they are a right handed locker. Assembly includes case, lift and 4 screws. November 1965- September 1981. Also known as 6741 and 6742, 75030, ly2230, ll1746. Hole spacing for the lift is 1-3/4". Hole spacing for the case that mounts to the locker is 3-1/4".

  3. Edsal Locker Coiled Spring

    Edsal Locker Coiled Spring, Used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers.
    Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8650, 4120, 74015, pn3305, lp8828.

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