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If you work on commercial restrooms, then you know that restroom stalls have to be frequently tended to. Take a look at the brand name on the restroom stalls. In many public restrooms, you might notice they are labeled as All American Metal Corp. We have the All American partition parts that are made for these toilet partitions. 

Get the jump on replacing old hardware with new All American stall hardware that is in better condition. You can have your public bathroom in tip-top shape before you know it if you order new All American partition parts now.

All American Metal Corp. has been making partitions and All American stall hardware for around 50 years, so we acknowledge their first-rate toilet partition products. Our company, RBA, has been involved in the partitions business for 40 years, so you can feel content knowing that the parts we sell are solely made by trusted manufacturers.

We distribute All American stall hardware within the United States, AND we ship All American stall hardware to Canada and overseas. We will begin the shipping process of your order of All American stall hardware on the same day that you ordered it when you place your order at the right time. Purchase All American stall hardware online before 2 p.m. Eastern Time on business days so that you won’t have to wait long for your products to arrive. 

All American Metal Corporation Details

Because All American Metal Corporation (AAMCO) has been around for approximately 50 years, we have had the privilege of witnessing for ourselves the high success of their products. This includes All American toilet partitions and All American partition parts.

AAMCO manufactures toilet partitions and All American partition parts that follow ADA guidelines. The company also tries to maintain a clean environment with green manufacturing approaches. For more precise information, read up on The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), their Green Building Rating System and becoming LEED Certified.

Buy All American Partition Parts Online

Some of the more obvious All American partition parts that could use replacing include All American latches, All American partition hinges and All American keeper bumpers. Review our assortment of All American partition parts to find the stainless steel products. Many of these All American Partition parts are in stock when you shop our website.

The All American Keeper Bumper for 1 and 1/4" Round Edge is a chrome plated product. This All American keeper bumper should be used on partitions with round-edged pilasters. The chrome plated All American Keeper Bumper for 1 and 1/4" Square Edge for plastic laminate inswings differs in that it is made for square-edged pilasters.

Along with our more easily recognized All American partition parts, we have All American stall hardware that might not immediately come to mind. The All American pintle, for example, is important All American stall hardware used in partition hinges. 

Oftentimes the hinge itself is in decent form, but the All American pintle part of the hinge becomes worn. Under this circumstance, it’ll be beneficial to purchase a new All American pintle to replace the old All American pintle in your toilet partition’s bottom hinge or top hinge.

Call our main office phone at (800) 642-2403 to get more information about the All American stall hardware that we carry. We are ready to help in any way we can.

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  1. All American Latch Knob and Cover

    The All American Partition Latch Knob and Cover is used on All American Metal Corp 1" thick metal doors.  The inner and outer knob are included in the package.  The manufactures part number is 104.

  2. Slide Bolt Latch SS

    Toilet Partition Slide Bolt Latch Stainless Steel

    Cast stainless steel construction. Latch base is 4" high with 2-3/4" hole spacing. Latch bolt is 3-3/16" long by 3/4" wide by 3/16" thick. The latch bolt clearance is 9/16" from the back of the base to the under side of the latch bolt and projects out 15/16". The latch projects out 1-9/16" from the face of the door when installed. Also known as a Bathroom Stall Surface Mounted Slide Bolt Latch and Toilet Partition Locks. Manufacture part # 5023.

    Shipped with mounting screws.

    also known as 9F0302SS

  3. All American Hinge Pin 3/8 Diameter x 3 7/16 Long

    Selling All American Hinge Pin for over 35 years. Your one stop shop for all Commercial Restroom accessories, parts and Partitions.
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