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  1. Yale 1500 Exit Device

    Yale 1500 Exit Device

    1500-36 For openings up to 36" (0.91m) wide.
    1500-48 For openings up to 48" (1.22m) wide.
    Strikes 799 Rim Strike (Single Doors)
    Stile Minimum Stile width: 4-1/2" (114mm)
    Hand Field Reversible

    As low as $2,107.90
  2. Yale 7100 Exit Device

    Yale 7100 Exit Device

    Door Opening Width:
    -36 for 30" - 36" (762 - 914mm) doors
    -48 for 36-1/2" - 48" (927 - 1219mm) doors
    Door Thickness: 1-3/4" (44mm) standard.
    Minimum Stile Width: 4-1/2" (114mm)
    Projection: 3-1/4" (83mm) active, 2-3/4" (70mm) dogged
    Latchbolt: 3/4" (19mm) deadlocking stainless steel Pullman-type
    Strike: 757 (panic),

    As low as $1,146.46
  3. Jackson 1285 Exit Device

    1285 Series exit device blends the reliability of the 10 series with the sleek, contemporry style of the today's push-pad exit devices. Easy to retrofit existing 10 Series exits. Made of extruded aluminum.

    exit device handing diagram

    As low as $315.25
  4. Von Duprin 88 Exit Device

    Von Duprin 88 Exit Device

    Von Duprin 88 rim devices for all types of single and double doors with mullion, UL listed for accident hazard installations. Field reversible, Five popular finishes, ships with 42" crossbar whichis field sizeable, Hex key dogging, 3/4"(19mm)throw latch bolt

    Ships with all mounting hardware and strike.

    As low as $1,281.41
  5. Von Duprin Exit Device 880TP Trim

    Von Duprin 880TP Trim

    The plate measures 3" wide by 14-3/16" long with an 1-5/8" bore hole for cylinder.

    Von Duprin part # 880TP-R

    As low as $321.37
  6. Von Duprin 99 Exit Device Only

    The Von Duprin 99 rim exit devices for all types of single and double doors with mullion, UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1. The Von Duprin 98 device has a smooth mechanism case and the Von Duprin 99 device has a grooved case. The rim device is non-handed.

    Ships with all the mounting screws and the 299 Strike.

    As low as $1,224.95
  7. Doromatic Exit Device 1690/1990 Top Strike PB48

    Dor-o-Matic top strike.

    Used on the Dor-o-Matic 1490, 1690, 1990 and 2390 Concealed Vertical Rod Exit and Panic Devices. The plate measures 1" x 1-1/16" with 4 holes. The mounting holes are 11/16" x 11/16" on center. The diameter of the pin is 7/16" and projects out 5/32". Ships with mounting screws and 3 shim plates.

    Doromatic part # PB48

    Dor-o-Matic 990/1990 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Dor-o-Matic 1690 Repair Parts Breakdown

  8. Doromatic Exit Device 1690/1790/2390 Dogging Assembly Kit.1197

    Doromatic 1690 1790 replacement dogging assy. The dogging assembly is used to dog the door in the open position, so people can enter the building without having to unlatch the door.  The kit ships with form threading screws for installation.

    Doromatic part # KIT.1197

    Dor-o-Matic 1690 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown
    Falcon / Dor-o-Matic 2390 Parts Break Down<

  9. Von Duprin Strike 1609

    Von Duprin Strike 1609

    This strike is used when we have a double door application without a center post. By using this strike we can have one door with a surface vertical rod and one door a rim device, which will save money because vertical rods are usually expensive. This strike can be used with the Von Duprin 22/2227, 88/8827, 98/9827 and 99/9927 combinations, but not with the Fire Rated Versions. The strike base measures 1-1/16" wide by 3-1/4" high, the lip projects out 7/8". The three slots are 1-1/4" on center. This strike ships with the mounting screws.

    US19-Black finish

  10. Von Duprin Exit Device 88 Tube Attaching Ring

    Von Duprin Exit Device 88 Tube Attaching Ring

    Von Duprin 55 and 88 Tube Attaching Ring.

    Used as a sleeve the wedge tite screw and wedge use to apply pressure to the crossbar. Measures 15/16" long by 13/16" diameter.

    Von Duprin Part #090021
    Old Part # 965676

  11. Von Duprin Exit Device 22, 33, And 99 Dogging Shaft 090040

    The Von Duprin 22, 33, 33A, 98 and 99 dogging shaft is the current dogging shaft. And has been in production since 1998.   If your device is from before 1998, then you would use the 050709.   This is the piece that the dogging key would fit into. The shaft is for a 5/32" dog key. #4 on diagram

    Von Duprin Part # 090040

  12. Von Duprin Exit Device Dogging Adaptor 090043

    The Von Duprin Dogging Adaptor is the female part that holds the dogging shaft in place.

    Von Duprin dogging assebly part

    #1 on diagram

    Von Duprin part # 090043

    Sold individually

  13. Von Duprin Exit Device 22 End Cap Only 968601

    Von Dupin 22 Plastic Cap Only

    This is the end cap that goes on the hinge side of the door. When the cap breaks off the Dogging Cover Plate just slides off. Works on all of the Von Duprin 22 exit devices. If you need the bracket also, please order part # G22R10. Black plastic contruction. As of October 1, 2014, Von Duprin no longer sells just the Plastic Cap Only. The complete End Cap and Bracket 900981 will be shipped in its place.

    Von Durpin Part # 968601

  14. Von Duprin Exit Device 2227 Bottom Latch 050090

    Von Duprin 2227 Bottom latch.

    Replaces and updates all 2227 bottom latches to the new style if you device was shipped before October 1998. If your device was shipped after October 1998 then use the G050401.

    Includes screws and bracket

    Von Duprin Part # 050090

  15. Von Duprin Exit Device 2227 Rod Guides Assy

    Von Duprin 2227 Rod Guide

    Works on all of the Von Duprin 2227's, and replaces the older style that featured the plastic cap and the springs.

    Von Durpin part # 112063

    As low as $61.36
  16. Von Duprin Exit Device 2227 Center Case

    Von Duprin 2227 Center Case

    Replaces worn out Von Durpin 2227 Center Cases. The Von Duprin 2227 is the 22 Series Device that has the Surface Vertical Rods.

    Von Duprin Part # 109358

  17. Von Duprin 9927 Latch Covers

    Von Duprin 9927 Latch Covers.

    This cover is used on the 2227, 3327A, 3427A, 9827 and 9927 Exit Devices. Replace old bent and worn covers with brand new ones.

    Includes mounting screws

    Von Duprin Part # 050566

    Other finishes are available

    As low as $64.62
  18. Von Duprin Strike 248L-4

    Von Duprin Strike 248L-4

    The Von Duprin 248L-4 Strike is used as a Bottom Strike on the 2227, 8827, 9927, and 9827 Surface Vertical Rod Panic Devices. The 248L-4 strike measures 9/16" wide by 2-1/2" high with a hole spacing of 1-7/8. The strike projects out 3/8".

    Ships with shim and mounting screws

    Von Duprin Strike 248L-4

    Burnished steel construction

  19. Adams Rite End Cap

    Adams Rite End Cap

    On this Adams Rite End Cap we sometimes find the number HX0471 cast into the Black Plastic construction.

    Adams Rite Part # 25-0471

  20. Sargent 20/30/60/80 Dogging Assembly

    Sargent 20/30/60/80 Dogging Assembly

    We only sell the dogging assembly parts as a complete set. This Dogging Assembly Kit is used on the Sargent 20, Sargent 30, Sargent 60, and Sargent 80 Series Exit Devices. This dogging assembly kit has been around since the 1980's.

    Sargent part # 68-2596

  21. Sargent 60/80 Push Bar Pin Retaining Clip

    Sargent 60/80 Push Bar Pin Retaining Clip

    used on Sargent 60 and 80 series to retain the push bar and channel axles. Use with the 68-0229 and 68-0230.

    Sargent part # 01-0098

  22. Jackson Exit Device Mounting Stud 1085/1095

    Jackson Exit Device Mounting Stud 1085/1095

    The treaded part of the Jackson Mounting Stud has a 1/4-20 thread.

  23. Sargent Exit Device 20/60 Plastic End Cap

    Sargent Exit Device 20/60 Plastic End Cap

    Plastic end cap for the Sargent 20 and 60 series. The end cap measures 1-5/8" wide by 2-3/8" tall and projects out 2-3/4".

    Sargent Part # 68-0434

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