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Metpar Hardware for Restroom Partitions

Have you noticed a Knickerbocker stamp on the restroom partitions in the public bathrooms that you manage? With Knickerbocker being a widely known bathroom stall brand, it shouldn’t come as a shock if you eventually work with Knickerbocker stalls during the span of your restroom maintenance career. 

Replace old Knickerbocker hardware on your stalls as soon as you notice any damage. You can buy Knickerbocker bathroom hardware on our website and we will have it shipped to you. 

By shopping on our site, you will have the benefit of buying reasonably priced Knickerbocker hardware that you don’t have to shop for in stores. Put in an order for Knickerbocker restroom hardware today so that you will be one step closer to fixing up your bathroom stalls.

Knickerbocker Hardware Manufacturer

Knickerbocker Partition Corporation is a highly recognized manufacturer of partitions and stall parts. The company was founded almost 70 years ago. Although the company is headquartered in New York, it also has other locations across the U.S.

Our company Robert Brooke & Associates has the privilege of being a distributor of Knickerbocker toilet partition hardware. We sell Knickerbocker partition hardware for bathroom stalls on our own company website,

Shop Knickerbocker Partition Hardware

Knickerbocker manufactures a variety of Knickerbocker parts for stalls that we do our best to always keep in stock. From the Knickerbocker Concealed Latch to the Knickerbocker Cast Stainless Steel Keeper Bumper, we have an array of Knickerbocker partition hardware you could use on your bathroom stalls.

Our selection of Knickerbocker hardware includes three types of Knickerbocker cams. Each of the Knickerbocker cams is a bottom cam unit.

We sell the black nylon plastic Knickerbocker cam that comes with a pintle cylinder in a set. The set includes the lock washer and nut that are used to install it.

The other black cam we have in our Knickerbocker partition hardware supply is the Knickerbocker Bottom Cam. These Knickerbocker hardware can be used on metal bathroom partitions.

We also sell a Knickerbocker Bottom Cam in white. Unlike the black cams, the white ones can be used on plastic laminate bathroom stalls. You will want to figure out exactly how your Knickerbocker partition hardware should be used before you commit to a purchase.

We sell a lot more Knickerbocker hardware than just cams. That’s where our Specialized Search Engine might come in handy.

If you would like to locate specific Knickerbocker bathroom hardware for partitions, enter your search query into our Search Bar at the top of the webpage. Key in the proper keywords so that the correct knickerbocker restroom hardware will pop up on the page. We hope that you are able to find the Knickerbocker partition parts that you are looking for.

Customer Support for Knickerbocker Partition Hardware

Information about shipping, product details and payment method is printed on our site. If you still have questions on Knickerbocker hardware for bathroom stalls, please contact us via phone or email.

The crew at RBA would like to keep your search for Knickerbocker partition parts uncomplicated. Allow us to guide you along for a straightforward ordering process of Knickerbocker partition hardware.

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