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Flush Metal Hardware for Bathroom Partitions

Get your Flush Metal parts for Flush Metal brand partitions here on our partitions and parts web store. Our website has affordable Flush Metal parts for sale for replacing on your Flush Metal bathroom partitions.

Check out the Flush Metal hardware for partitions that we have available such as Flush Metal handles and latches, Flush Metal brackets, Flush Metal cam housing and more. Many of the Flush Metal partition parts we have are in stock right now, so you can make a purchase today.

Flush Metal is a reputable manufacturer of Flush Metal stalls and Flush Metal partition hardware. At Robert Brooke & Associates (RBA), we distribute Flush Metal parts for stalls online for quick and convenient access to the items.  

Flush Metal Parts Manufacturer

Flush Metal Partitions LLC manufactures phenolic, plastic laminate and steel bathroom partitions. The company manufactures the replacement Flush Metal parts that go with their stalls, too.

Our company, RBA, distributes Flush Metal hardware. We have witnessed the performance of Flush Metal hardware over time and Flush Metal hardware exceeds expectations of standard bathroom partitions products.

Flush Metal Partitions LLC has been up and running for half a century and they put that experience toward making Flush Metal parts and products that transcend typical durability of bathroom partitions parts. The plant where they make Flush Metal hardware is in New York, but at RBA we will ship Flush Metal parts anywhere in the United States, Canada, and to countries overseas.

Flush Metal Partition Hardware

Are you looking for specific Flush Metal parts such as Flush Metal handles and latches? We have a variety of Flush Metal handles available to be shipped now.

The Flush Metal Toilet Partition Concealed Latch Knob & Cover is one of the Flush Metal handles that we carry that can be used to close and lock a stall door. You can also try the version of this knob that adheres to guidelines of The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

You could also consider Flush Metal Slide Bolt Latches to be Flush Metal handles that close and keep stalls door shut. These Flush Metal handles (or latches) were made by die casting Zamak metal. Zamak is generally accepted as a commonly used metal on partitions parts.

We have the Flush Metal Top Hinge Escutcheon (also known as Flush Metal Top Door Insert). You can also look into the Flush Metal Bottom Door Insert for ⅞ inch doors.

Not only do we have Flush Metal handles, Flush Metal latches, Flush Metal escutcheons and Flush Metal brackets, but we also have so many other Flush Metal parts that you might find useful. Our RBA Partitions and Parts Catalog contains more detailed information on Flush Metal partition parts. Take a peek and let us know if you have any further questions on Flush Metal partition hardware.

Our friendly staff is here at the office Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Get in touch with us by phone on weekdays with your inquiries about Flush Metal hardware so that we can immediately assist you. If you find yourself with questions about Flush Metal hardware on the weekend, please send an email to and we will get back to you the next business day.

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