Solid Phenolic Color Chart

Solid phenolic (color-thru & black core) color charts for bathroom stall partitions. Due to variations in Monitors and Browsers, the colors shown may not have the desired accurancy. We currently have nine manufactures to choose from:

Black core solid phenolic partitions are decoratively faced on both sides of a resin-impregnated Kraft paper core. The surface and core sheets are fused at high temperature and pressure. In addition to strength and serviceability, a wide range of colors provides limitless design flexibility. Black core phenolic has a warranty of 10 years. Both Black and Color-Thru are the same product, but the color thru uses resin and Kraft paper that match the surface color. They call it black core because of the 4 edges of a sheet are black.

The Color-Thru Phenolic is made with surface color throughout the partition. With all the advantages of traditional Phenolic performance, it’s especially effective when gouging and vandalism are an issue. This material is less expensive then Stainless Steel, but more expensive than Powder Coated Steel, Solid Plastic and Plastic Laminate. This also has a warranty of 10 years through the manufactures. This material has a smooth surface not like solid plastic which does not have a smooth surface but has little bumps on the face sides.

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