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General Partitions Bathroom Stall Hardware

You don’t have to wait any longer to get your General bathroom stall parts for fixing up your public restroom. We have General restroom stall hardware that you can order online right now.

We work with leading names in the industry, so you can be confident knowing that we sell unmatched partition hardware from first-rate manufacturers. General is only one of the successful manufacturers that we sell door hinges and other stall hardware from.

The structure and functionality of General bathroom stall hardware goes beyond typical success rates to an exceptional performance level. We appreciate the elaborate workmanship and fine artistry that General has put into making their products such as their General bathroom stall parts.

Many of our General bathroom stall parts are available to be shipped immediately. You will see your General bathroom stall parts in one to two weeks if you submit your order during a weekday. Submit it before 2 p.m. EST and the General bathroom stall hardware will usually ship out that day.

General Restroom Stall Hardware Company

The General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing bathroom stalls for approximately 57 years. General manufactures other hardware and accessories you might want to eventually look into, as well. 

The partitions manufacturer also makes General restroom stall parts for when a new part has to be put in. When fixing your General partitions, you’ll want to make the necessary changes to them with new General partitions parts. We sell General bathroom stall hardware on to provide individuals and businesses with easy access to these premium products.

About General Partitions Hardware for Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Get to know the General bathroom stall hardware we have on hand before you put in your order. Our General bathroom stall hardware includes General door hinges, General door latches, General heavy-duty latches, General lock covers, General hinge pins and more.

General heavy-duty latches and hinges stand apart from standard General door latches and hinges in that they are made from tougher material. Examples of General heavy-duty hinges include General’s Cast Stainless Steel Bottom Hinge for 1 and 1/4" square-edge pilasters and their Cast Stainless Steel Top Hinge for 1 and 1/4" square edge pilasters. You can view a photo and a side view of these stainless steel hinges in the product descriptions provided.

Don’t forget to browse our selection of General door latches. Our site has several General door latches that might be suitable for your bathroom stalls. We also have a number of General lock covers and General lock cover sets.

General door latches, General lock covers, and General door pulls are essential tools for privacy in any restroom. Inserting General bathroom stall hardware will need to be completed as soon as your new parts come in to guarantee overall restroom user satisfaction. 

Do you have General restroom stall hardware questions? No problem! Email us at or call us at 1 (800) 642-2403 so that we can help you out. We will give you more information on General restroom stall parts so that you can comfortably complete your order.

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