Bleacher repair parts for telescopic bleachers

Look through manufacturers listed for in door wood bleachers parts. Replacement parts include motors, wheels, drive wheels, row locks, fasteners, bleacher movers, truck assembly's, hinges, gearboxes and pendant controllers and more are things that are available through our website and are usually in stock. We also carry southern yellow pine bleacher boards and aluminum planks which ship with in 2-3 weeks or less.

For all quotes on wood or aluminum planks please email info to

Robert Brooke Bleacher Parts Catalog

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  1. Hussey Bleacher Drive Wheels Power Trac III & IV

    Hussey Bleacher Power Trac III & IV Drive Wheel, 4" X 6" X 7/8". Includes wheel push ring. Also known as 1033936.

  2. Hussey Bleacher 4" wheel axle

    Hussey Bleacher 4" wheel axle. 3/8" axle x 1-11/16" length. This axle is also used with Folding bleacher Company. Includes clips. Also known as 1001133. The grooves are 1-1/2" between.

  3. Aluminum Bleacher Planks

    For quotes on aluminum bleacher planks fax or email to All planks are mill or anodized finish. A mill finish is a standing plank, when wet not slippery. An anodized finish is a seat plank, when wet slippery.
    Sizes available
    1-3/4"x3-1/2" x up to 24'
    1-3/4"x7-1/2" x up to 24'
    1-3/4"x9-1/2" x up to 24'
    1-3/4"x11-1/2" x up to 24'

    2-3 weeks delivery depending on size of order.

  4. Irwin Bleacher Row Lock RH

    Irwin Bleacher Row Locks for Right Handed Bleachers. Both Row Locks work the same, we ship the bigger picture (darker color) one. Row lock bolt included.
  5. Bleacher Clips 2-3/8"

    Aluminum Bleacher Clips 2-3/8" includes nut and bolt. The grooves are 2" on centers with an overall size 2-3/8" x 1-3/16". The Clip ties the plank into the frame of the bleachers.

  6. 6" Kickdown Door Holder / Stop Grand Standard

    6" Kickdown Door Holder / Stop Grand Standard

    No roll pin at pivot point
    Mallable with a pair of pliers
    Rubber shoe held on by a screw
    American Made
    Zinc plated steel or Brass plated

    Made by Grand Specialties 606z and 606br
    The 606BR is no longer manufactured 

    As low as $10.91
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