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Selling commercial bathroom partitions to the public, private businesses, builders, contractors, government, local, state, churches, YMCA, schools, local shop owners and more everyday. We are proud to work with some of the best bathroom partition manufactures in the USA. Global partitions are based in Georgia and provide some of the fastest delivered toilet partitions in the country with offering five materials that ship in forty eight hours and has a one to four day travel time. American specialties restroom accessories are a great match to complete your bathrooms. The ASI group owns ASI locker, American specialties, Global Partitions and Accurate partitions. Hadrian Partitions is located in Ohio and Arizona offer three toilet partition material types that also ship quick and can delivery to the west coast in four to five business days including travel time. This helps our west coast customers receive fast delivered partitions.

Global Partitions and Accessories

You will find everything from complete commercial restroom partition toilet stall systems or just door's, panel's, pilasters and privacy screens on our website. Accessories from Hand Dryers, Toilet Paper Holders, Paper Towel Dispensers, Fem nap Disposal units, foaming soap dispenser and more. Partition hardware is separated by manufacture for Door hardware, this is very important to know your manufacture of your partitions. All generic parts for the manufactures are typically brackets, door pulls, coat hooks, slide latches, keepers and more on our website. Bathroom partitions are not returnable, every order is made per customer. For quotes on complete toilet Partitions please send drawings to

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