Bathroom Partitions Instructions for Restrooms

Bathroom Partitions Instructions for Commercial Restrooms

Bathroom partition instruction can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need to have the right material, equipment, and plan for installing your commercial bathroom with limited stress and issues.

 Tips for Getting Started with Restroom Partitions Installation Instructions

  • Referring to the overhead layout you were given with your quote, identify the hardware and parts for each partition stall.
  • There are three major components to most stall layouts, the panels, doors and pilasters. Panels go between the stalls to provide privacy, the doors provide the entrance and exit and the pilasters help support both the doors and the panels. 
  • All hardware is included with your partitions, however, there are some tools you will need to assist you with the installation of the partitions. The tools you will need depend on the material you are installing. 
  • Some tools that will help you with installation would be a Tape Measure, Pencil, Drill Bits, Jig and or Circular Saw, Chalk Line, 2 Spring Clamps, Power Drill and possibly a 2x4 scrap piece of wood to help support the panel as you install the partition.

 Example Partition Installation

The following instructions are based on one of the most common partition arrangements - a powder coated steel headrail braced installation. Please refer to your plan layout and dimensions for specific details in regards to installation and placement.

It is also important to be aware of and compensate for uneven floor and wall conditions. No bathroom is perfectly square or floors level, so plan accordingly.

Material Highlights

  • The partition doors are 58” in height; the panels are 58” in height.
  • The pilasters will be 82” in height.
  • Pilasters help to provide the support for the partition panels and doors.
  • The pilasters will be anchored into the floor to help provide stability.
  • There will be Headrail included that travels from wall to wall and ties into the pilasters to provide stability.


After identifying all of your hardware and parts, and making sure you have the proper tools to get the project started, you are ready to establish the floor bracket locations.  Please use your layout drawing to determine locations.

 How to Install Overhead Braced Floor Anchored Bathroom Partitions

  • Create a front centerline using a chalk line to insure you stay on the designed layout.  To create a front centerline, take the overall compartment dimensions and subtract 5/8”.
  • After establishing the floor bracket location, drill holes 7/8” in from the edge of the pilaster location indicated on your overhead drawing.
  • Use your centerline location and fasten 2 panel brackets to the wall. Centers should be 18” and 64” from the floor. It works best to rest panel on a 12.5” block and position brackets. Be sure to leave a ½” clearance between the wall and panel.  Drill one hold through the top bracket and fasten.
  • To erect the wall pilaster, first fasten 2 “F” brackets to the wall at the centerline. Centers should be 18” and 64” from the floor.
  • Now to prepare the pilaster for the door, fasten the upper and lower hinges to the wall pilaster.  
  • To fasten the U brackets to the pilaster, place it on the floor brackets and mark the center line of the panel on the back. Remember, bracket centers are 18” and 64” from the floor. Mark drill holes using the bracket as a template, remove floor brackets from pilaster and fasten the U bracket.
  • When installing the floor shoe, make sure the front and back edges are parallel to each other, if they are not, apply pressure until they are. Slide Shoe onto pilaster. Insert leveling device and position pilaster on the floor brackets. Drill one hole through the top bracket and fasten.
  • To prepare the door for hanging, install the female cam in the door, also install the latch and coat hook and bumper.
  •  Insert the male cam into the bottom hinge and lower the door onto it. Install the threaded upper hinge pin. To set the door at the angle it is required, loosen the nut of the male cam assembly, set the door at required angle and tighten nut. Fasten the stop and keeper on the pilaster. Make sure it lines up with the latch. Now you may choose to pre-install the headrail but not fasten it, but to assist in lining up and spacing pilasters.
  • Make sure all pilasters are fastened to the floor brackets and then add all remaining fasteners and repeat steps for remaining compartments.
  • Now fasten headrail brackets to wall approximately 81.5” above the floor.  Place headrail into tops of pilasters and slide into headrail brackets at the wall.
  • Fasten headrail to pilasters, be sure to screw on the inside of the stall and to the headrail wall brackets. Install headrail end cap if required. Be sure to adjust leveling devices to level all components and tighten. Drill all remaining panel holes and fasten to brackets. 

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