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Zephyr Locks, Keys and Accessories

Are you in the market for new Zephyr replacement locker door locks? Order your replacement locker door locks that were manufactured by Zephyr from our hardware web store.

Whether you are looking to order combination locks, secure and versatile electronic locks, locker keys or other locking solutions, we have the perfect Zephyr locker locks that were engineered to work flawlessly. Use these replacement locker door locks in educational buildings, gyms, employee locker rooms, business complexes and in other kinds of settings.

Our Zephyr Locker Locks and Products

Do you need a specific model of Zephyr lock? If so, you can perform a search on our Zephyr locker locks page by using the Find Command and clicking Control + F or Command + F. Type in the product number you are looking for and press Enter. Your search results should bring up the Zephyr locker locks we have for that specific product number.

For example, we carry the Zephyr Locks Model 2254. The Zephyr Locks Model 2254 provides ultimate security and also complies with ADA standards.

The Zephyr Locks Model 2310 that we carry differs in that it is an electronic keypad lock. With these versatile electronic locks, users have the ability to access the items in their locker by putting in a four-digit lock code. The Zephyr Locks Model 2310 can be either surface mounted or recess mounted. 

We sell the control key for Zephyr Locks Model 2310, as well. This will help with accessing the inside of the locker if the four-digit access code is ever forgotten.

Zephyr ADA Locks

The Zephyr locker locks we sell come in many shapes and sizes, but one essential type of Zephyr lock we carry is the ADA compliant Zephyr lock. ADA compliant locks adhere to The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which disallows disability discrimination and urges ADA compliant accessibility standards to be put in place in public places. You will definitely want to look into Zephyr ADA locks which will help accommodate locker users who have disabilities. 

We have many Zephyr ADA locks including the 1970 and 1971 ADA Combo Dead Bolt Locks, the 1730 ADA Vertical Dead Bolt Key Lock, the 1954 and 1955 ADA Combo Spring Latch Locks and more. Make sure that you check out our selection of keys for Zephyr ADA locks, as well.

Zephyr Locker Locks Manufacturer Profile

Zephyr Lock LLC has a parent company called Wind Group that has been around for over 60 years. The Zephyr Lock manufacturer itself has been making Zephyr locker locks for more than 15 years, and we have come to trust the quality of the Zephyr locker locks they produce.

We carry numerous Zephyr locker locks that you could be using on your lockers today. Take a look through our product pages of Zephyr locker locks and Zephyr keys. Review the product details to decide which Zephyr locker lock will be most suitable for your commercial lockers.

Your Order of Zephyr Locker Locks

All Zephyr locker locks are made when we receive the order, so these orders are not returnable. Shipping your order of Zephyr locker locks usually only takes one to two weeks.  If you have any other questions about shipping and handling of Zephyr locker locks, please call 1 (800) 642-2403.

Specific Zephyr locker locks are made for specific purposes. In order to properly install your Zephyr locker locks, you will need to know and understand the lock’s purpose. Our knowledgeable staff members can help you get an understanding of which Zephyr locker locks are suitable to use on your facility’s lockers. 

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