Place your order of Worley locker parts online right here today. We are leading distributors of Worley locker parts in the United States and Canada. We provide Worley locker parts for a number of important locations including educational facilities, fitness centers, hospitals, businesses that have employee locker rooms and more.

If it is in your job description to maintain the hardware at any of these businesses or organizations, then we wouldn't be surprised if you eventually happened upon a set of Worley brand lockers. Just like any other locker out there today, these lockers will require repairs and replacement parts over time. Thankfully, we offer an easy way for individuals and businesses to purchase Worley locker parts without making a trip to the store.

You can search through our assortment of Worley locker parts online from the coziness of your home. We offer a wide range of Worley locker parts that can be installed as replacements for damaged hardware that is currently on the lockers that you are responsible for. You can decide whether your commercial locker requires a new handle, handle slide, handle case, handle case pin, Tinnerman clip, jamb clip, jamb spring, nylon plunger, metal plunger, rubber bumper, hinge, lock bar, self threading screw or another kind of Worley locker part. 

A lot of the Worley locker parts that we carry on the website are regularly in stock at our warehouse in Troy, Michigan. On weekdays during business hours, the Worley locker parts that we have in stock will be shipped out on the same day that you put in your order. The Worley locker parts that note a Lead Time in their product details will be shipped out after the specified Lead Time.

Worley Lock Bar Clip

Most locker brands manufacture locker handles that can only properly function with a lock bar. The lock bars can only work correctly when they have a clip on them. This clip can be easily damaged or broken, so it is one of the most commonly purchased replacement locker hardware out there.

You can order the Worley Tinnerman Clip from our online hardware store. These Worley locker parts can be installed onto lock bars to be used as a catch. These essential Worley locker parts can also be referred to as 227047, WR9012, 78013, 8045 or 82005.

We also sell Worley lock bars that have Tinnerman clips included in the package that you will receive. Our selection of Worley brand lock bars includes the the Worley 30 Inch Lock Bar 25-29/64 Inch Length and the Worley 36 Inch Double Tier Lock Bar 31-23/64 Inch Length.

Our experts are able to assist with helping you determine the correct length of lock bar to be used for the repairs you are making. Just let us in on some details about your project and we will be happy to provide our assistance with selecting Worley locker parts.

Choose The Right Worley Lock Parts

We have so many other replacement Worley locker parts that you can order online from us. What type of hardware were you looking for? Are there specific Worley locker parts that you have been looking to replace?

We have plenty of options for you to select from when it comes to Worley locker parts. We have two styles of locker handle to choose from which includes the Worley Handle Assembly. This handle is chrome plated and comes with the lift, the pin, two screws and the case. 

We also offer the option of buying some of these handle parts separately. For example, we carry both the Worley Handle Slide Only and the Worley Handle Case Only. Both of these Worley locker parts are chrome plated. There is also a Worley locker part that can be used with the aforementioned case called the Worley Handle Case Pin.

The other Worley handle that we carry is the Worley Handle. Like the other handle, these Worley locker parts are chrome plated and have 2-¼ inches of hole spacing between screws. The screws will come with the handle when you order from us online.

We offer a wide array of other Worley locker parts, too, including the Self Threading Screw 8-32 x 5/16 Inch. These are very commonly used Worley locker parts that can be found on both Worley and Republic Steel lockers.

Plus, don’t forget about the popular Worley 3-Hole Hinge. You can find this and other important Worley locker parts in our online hardware selection. Take your pick and head to the Check Out when you are certain that you have chosen the most suitable products for your locker repair project.

Worley Locker Parts Brand History

Worley is a popular brand of lockers and they made lockers for over 50 years. Worley locker parts are some of the highest quality locker hardware on the market today. Here at RB Lockers, we only sell hardware from trusted brands which certainly includes the Worley manufacturer.

Count On Worley Locker Parts Expertise

Please get in contact with our professional team members if you would like some help with choosing the best Worley locker parts for your locker repair. We are available via phone, Live Chat or email on weekdays during regular business hours. Call 1 (800) 642-2403, send a message to JameyG@RobertBrooke.com or chat with us on our Live Chat box that can be found on our website.

Robert Brooke & Associates Locker Catalog

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  1. Worley One Piece Locker Handle

    Worley Locker Handle Chrome Plated. 2-1/4" between screws. Screws included. Also known as 8030, 78001, WR9914, lw611.
  2. Worley Locker Tinnerman Clip

    Worley Locker Tinnerman Clip. Used in the lock bar as a catch. Also known as 82005, 8045, 78013, WR9012.
  3. Worley Locker Nylon Plunger Only

    Worley Locker Nylon Plunger only, We have this manufactured in the USA. Also known as 80308, 8055, 78005, wr9918, lw615.

  4. Worley Locker Metal Plunger Only

    Worley Locker Metal Plunger only, We have this manufactured in the USA. Also known as 80703, 8056, 78008, wr9918s.

  5. Worley Locker Jamb Assembly

    Worley Locker Jamb Assembly includes, Nylon Plunger, Spring, Jamb Clip and Jamb Housing. Also known as 80301, 78004, WR9915.
  6. Worley Locker Hinge 3-Hole

    Worley Locker 3 Hole Hinge. Also known as 81101, 8005, 78010, WR9924WS. The dimensions of the hinge is 1-1/2" x 2".

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