Are you looking for replacement hardware for your Hussey Seating bleachers? Look no further! We have a broad selection of Hussey bleacher parts available to order now online.

Hussey brand bleachers have been around for almost a century, and with so much use, they often require repair. Thankfully, you can find Hussey bleacher replacement parts right here! Here, you can find a variety of Hussey bleacher parts and take your pick to suit your project needs.

About The Hussey Seating Bleacher Brand

Originally launched as The Hussey Plow Company, Hussey Seating dates back to 1835. The company was founded by a farmer named William Hussey who is known for his dynamic innovation of a more durable and efficient plow blade.

It wasn’t until 1931 that relative Philip Hussey created a portable bleacher to use outdoors and sold it throughout New England. Later down the line in the 1950’s, he began to design indoor bleachers that can be found in schools, gyms, and more. In 1952, the company developed the first telescopic gym bleacher system with a closed deck to prevent the possibility of items from falling under the risers.

Over the years, the company designed an array of seating system styles for various uses. Hussey Seating’s designs can be found in many gyms and schools to this day. Thus, it is important for upkeep and maintenance purposes to have a reliable source for Hussey bleacher replacement hardware when the time comes to make repairs.

An Assortment of Hussey Bleacher Replacement Parts for Your Repair

From Hussey’s bleacher replacement wheels to their replacement motors, we have the right Hussey bleacher parts for you. Whether you’re installing Hussey Seating bleachers in a school gymnasium or repairing the bleachers on a professional football field, you will want to have easy access to Hussey bleacher replacement parts.

One popular Hussey bleacher part that we carry is the Wheel 3/8" axle x 1" Tread x 4" Diameter. More details include the 1-3/16" hub and a load capacity of approximately 125 to 140 lbs. Plus, the wheel can also be used with certain products by the Folding Bleacher Company.

Another popular item we carry is their 1/2 hp Motor 1 phase. This 1/2 horsepower 110-volt motor is single phase and features an rpm of 1725. This product is often used with 70:1 or 60: 1 Hussey gearboxes, and with Power III and Power Trac IV - Single Phase.

Aside from wheels and motors, we also carry many other Hussey bleacher replacement parts such as their Gearbox Reducer 70:1 Reducer and this End Plate, to name a few. These are just a few examples of the Hussey bleacher parts that we carry and we have many more options in store for you.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Hussey Bleacher Parts for Your Project

At Robert Brooke & Associates, we are committed to making it convenient for our customers to find the best hardware—such as Hussey bleacher parts—for their installation or repair project. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the right Hussey bleacher replacement parts for your specific needs. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help you navigate through the various options available and ensure that you get the Hussey bleacher parts that are compatible with your bleachers.

Whether you need replacement wheels, motors, or any other component, we have you covered. In addition to providing top-quality Hussey bleacher replacement parts, we also offer fast and reliable shipping to ensure that you receive your order in a timely manner. We understand the importance of getting your bleachers up and running as quickly as possible, and we are here to help make that process as smooth as possible.

Trust Robert Brooke & Associates for all your Hussey bleacher part needs. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and our commitment to providing high-quality products, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of Hussey bleacher replacement hardware and how we can help you with your next project.

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  1. Hussey Bleacher Gearbox Reducer 60:1 Reducer

    Hussey Bleacher Gearbox Reducer 60:1. used with 1/2hp motor. Includes adapter plate for older power trac III.

  2. Hussey Bleacher 1/2 hp Motor 1 phase

    Hussey bleacher 1/2 horsepower motor single phase 110 volt, rpm 1725. Note this is commonly used with 70:1 or 60: 1 Hussey gearboxes. Used with Power III & Power Trac IV (Single Phase). Also known as 1033934.

  3. Hussey 1/2 hp Motor 3 phase

    Hussey bleacher 1/2 horsepower, Three phase, rpm 1725, 208 volt, Note this is commonly used with 70:1 or 60: 1 Hussey gearboxes. Used with for Power III & Power Trac IV.

  4. Hussey Bleacher Drive Wheels Power Trac III & IV

    Hussey Bleacher Power Trac III & IV Drive Wheel, 4" X 6" X 7/8". Includes wheel push ring. Also known as 1033936.

  5. Hussey Bleacher 4" wheel axle

    Hussey Bleacher 4" wheel axle. 3/8" axle x 1-11/16" length. This axle is also used with Folding bleacher Company. Includes clips. Also known as 1001133. The grooves are 1-1/2" between.

  6. Hussey Bleacher Wheel 3/8" axle x 1" Tread x 4" Diameter

    Hussey Bleacher Wheel. 3/8" axle x 1" Tread x 4" Diameter. 1-3/16" hub. This wheel is also used with Folding bleacher Company. Also known as 10011132. Load approx. 125 -140 lbs.

  7. Hussey Bleacher 5" Wheel Axle

    Hussey Bleacher 5" Wheel Axle. 3/8" axle x 1-15/16" length. 1-3/4" between grooves. This axle is also used with Folding bleacher Company. Includes clips. Also known as 1001133.

  8. Hussey Bleacher Pendant Control

    Hussey Bleacher Pendant Control with 12' cord and male plug. Also known as 1022382. This RO26 Pendant controller only works with Hussey bleachers, this brings the bleacher section in and out by remote control.

  9. Hussey Bleacher Floor Pad

    Hussey Bleacher Floor Pad 1/2" x 3"dia. Also known as 1041152. These floor pads help protect the floor from scratches from the bleachers rolling in and out.

  10. Hussey Bleacher Female Pendant Socket

    Hussey Bleacher Female Pendant Socket. Also known as 1031470. This Female Pendant Socket can be either as both photos show.

  11. Hussey Power Tractor Replacement Pads

    Hussey Power Tractor Replacement Pads, overall with 8"x 1-1/2"
    screw post, outside 6-5/8"
    inside post 4-5/8"

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