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Paper Towel Dispensers

Offering  Bathroom paper towel dispensers. We offer surface mount roll towels, center pulls, multi fold towel dispensers and combo multi fold towel/waste container. Electronic towel dispensers with senors are a great way to save on paper waste that will cut each sheet more accurately. Stainless steel multi fold towel/waste receptacle are a great way to go for more compact units. Hand dryers are a better way to go to eliminate paper waste and trash issues.

Robert Brooke & Associates specialize in commercial restroom toilet partitions and accessories since 1970. It’s important to be able to supply guests with ample amounts of paper towel. Our products give the ability to quickly and easily access the resource in a timely order. The manufacturers we represent are amongst the leaders in the industry allowing us to provide durable and high quality products at competitive prices. Some of the manufacturers we sell are American Specialties, Palmer Fixture and AJ Washrooms. When looking into purchasing paper towel dispensers there are a number of varieties available.

Paper Towel Dispensers are available in two operation styles; Electric or Manual. The most common dispenser is the manual Bottom Pull design. This designed to where paper towel is hanging from device where guests will come and grab the sheet hanging and another sheet is dispensed for the next individual to use (Multi-Fold, C-Fold and Rolls). Other models include the Center Pull and Hand Crank dispensers. Most of the Electric paper towel dispensers are battery operated but often have an option where they can have A/C Adaptor connection (Additional fee may apply). By give guest the ability to get paper towels without touching the dispenser can cut down on the spread of germs and maintenance on devices.

Looking through the large array of paper towel dispensers there are a few things that you will notice. One of those being the different types of paper the dispensers use. Those 3 types we offer are listed below with a little info about them.

  • Multi-Fold: Paper is folder twice making a “Z” shaped layout. The standard size of these sheets being unfolded is about 9.2”Wx9.4”L; Standard folded size is about 9.2”W x 3.25”L.
  • C-Fold: 2 sides of the sheet are folded inward toward center creating a “C” shape layout. The standard size of these sheets being unfolded is about 10.1”Wx13.2”L; Standard folded size is about 10.1”W x 3.6”L.
  • Paper Rolls: These are large rolls of paper that are most commonly found in sizes (8”Diam. x 8”L) or (9”Diam x 9”L). These can come in 2 designs Center Pull or End Pull dispensers.
    • Center Pull: When a roll of paper towel is unraveled from the middle of the roll moving outwards to edge.
    • End Pull: When a paper roll end is feed through the dispenser and unraveled from outside moving inward.

Another option we offer is the combination of a Paper Towel Dispenser and Waste Receptacle. These units have the paper towel dispenser above the waste receptacle. This design keeps everything together, instead of being located in different placing in the restroom. Made of stainless steel and comes in 3 designs (Recessed, Semi-Recessed, Surface Mounted), this allows for easy access to clean, maintain and helps aide restrooms with smaller footprints.

Here at Partitions and Stalls, we have been providing top notch customer service for more than 40 years. Should you have any questions about Paper Towel Dispenser(s) or any of our other Restroom Accessories; we encourage you to contact us and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We can be reached at P: (800)-642-2403.

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