Hiny Hiders

Is it about time to inspect the public restroom that you designed for any maintenance issues? If your bathroom stalls are Scranton or Hiny Hiders brand, then we have the products to set your bathroom straight again.

Order your Hiny Hiders hardware from Robert Brooke & Associates and receive your Hiny Hiders partition hardware within a few weeks. It’s more convenient than shopping around at local hardware stores in hopes that you will eventually stumble upon the Hiny Hiders stall hardware you have been scouting about for.

Hiny Hiders Partition Hardware Craftsmanship

The inventive Hiny Hiders manufacturer is recognized for the creative stalls that they produce. The company makes their stalls with recycled components, too.

Hiny Hiders is part of the Scranton Products company. Scranton Products not only manufacturers Hiny Hiders partition parts and Scranton partition hardware, but they also make toilet partitions and parts from their other company segments. Santana stall parts, Eclipse stall hardware, Capitol stall parts, Aria stall hardware and Comtec parts are all manufactured by Scranton Products.

It is our job at Robert Brooke & Associates to sell Hiny Hiders stall hardware online. We have more than ten Hiny Hiders partition parts on our site for bathroom partitions in commercial restrooms. You can find the full list of Hiny Hiders stall parts below.

We Carry Hiny Hiders Stall Parts 

You are welcome to shop our selection of Hiny Hiders stall parts at any time. It is our hope that you will find all of the Hiny Hiders partition parts to rectify any issues with the bathroom stalls you oversee.

The Scranton Integral Hinge Pin Kit includes many Hiny Hiders partition parts. The hinge pin kit comes with pins, L brackets and a spring. 

Are you not entirely sure of what an L bracket is? That won’t be a problem. Follow the instructions on our Scranton hinge pin kit product page to install your new Hiny Hiders partition hardware. You’ll find that you should mount L brackets inside toilet partitions only.

The instructions for this Hiny Hiders Partition hardware also stresses the importance of safety goggles when installing the parts in the bathroom stall. There is a chance that the hinge spring will spring parts into the face and cause injury without the proper eye gear.

L brackets are also sold separately. The set of Scranton Stealth Brackets for Integral Hinges consists of four individual L brackets. Specifically, they are used to support the pins in Scranton hinge pin kits.

Assistance With Hiny Hiders Partition Parts

Reach us directly by phone at (800) 642-2403 or send an email to Sales@RobertBrooke.com and we will provide you with assistance for your Hiny Hiders stall hardware order. We can give you more information on Hiny Hiders stall parts or help you out with instructions for setting up your Hiny Hiders stall hardware.

We have been selling Hiny Hiders partition parts to our customer base for years and we have learned a lot about Hiny Hiders partition hardware throughout our time spent working with the highly esteemed manufacturer. We assure you that we will accommodate you with exceptional service when you order Hiny Hiders stall parts from our online store.

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  1. Comtec 8 inch Wrap Around Hinge Set

    Comtec Toilet Partition 8" Wrap Around Hinge Set. Clear anodized aluminum for 1" panel and 1" door. Used by every Bathroom Toilet Stall manufacture on Solid Plastic Toilet Partitions Doors. Sometimes known as part numbers, 7978, 7988, 8974, 8984. These hinges are reversible by taking the 3 pieces apart and reconfiguring the opposite swing.

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