Dry Erase Boards

Are you a teacher, business owner or an office manager? If so, then dry erase boards are probably one of the first items that come to mind when setting up your classroom or office.

Dry erase boards are now frequently used in classrooms and businesses, and have even begun to make their way in replacing blackboards. However, dry erase boards are still very similar to chalkboards in that they can be used to show notes that you can copy down after your teacher or boss has written something important on the board during a class or a meeting. If you are writing notes on a dry erase board for your class or staff to jot down, remember that you can also categorize them by using eye-catching assorted colors instead of your usual duller chalk colors.

Dry erase boards, also known as whiteboards and marker boards, put your ideas on display so that your colleagues are able to visualize your project proposals before they are implemented. Whiteboards can be used in classrooms, offices, cafes and even at home to help with note taking and staying organized.

Color coding mind maps on a marker board with dry erase markers will paint a picture of your brainstorm and put it in a context that is easy to understand. Using specific colors to categorize your thoughts is an effective team building exercise and an efficient way to present your proposals to your team members or students.

One popular item keeping offices alive today is the marker board calendar. Many businesses have a digital calendar as well, but swear by the marker board calendar as a daily reminder of their work plans for the month. Setting up marker board calendar lines allows room to simply erase the plans that you had last month and replace them with this month’s schedule.

Of course, you can also use assorted colors on your marker board calendars to keep your thoughts and plans in order. Don’t forget to keep your dry erase markers organized, as well, so that you don’t accidentally mix them up with permanent markers.

Marsh is a trusted marker board manufacturer with over 100 years in business. Here at Robert Brooke, we are reputable Marsh dry erase board distributors with decades of involvement in the industry.

Our Marsh Marker Board Products

We carry products from these Marsh dry erase board lines: Pro-Rite, HPL and Remarkaboard. Marsh Industries produces useful marker boards that are tailored to suit a variety of customer needs.

Pro-Rite Series

We have a number of Marsh visual display boards styles from their Pro-Rite Series product line. Marsh Pro-Rite Series dry erase boards will thoroughly display screen projections because of their smooth, porcelain steel surface that is also magnetic. Give us a call to let us know whether you prefer a white or black Pro-Rite Series marker board surface color and complete your order.

Hardware to install the dry erase board for wall-hanging and a packet of dry erase markers will be shipped out with each Marsh dry erase board order from the Pro-Rite Series. With your white board and markers ready to go, all you will need now is an eraser, possibly some dry erase board cleaner, and some ideas to write down.

Graphic boards are also part of the Pro-Rite Series. A graphic board is basically a dry erase board with lines. These marker boards come with premade lines of your choosing that are permanently printed onto the board. You can pick from music staff lines, horizontal lines, grid lines, handwriting lines and more.

The Pro-Rite Series also includes Retro-Fit dry erase boards. Retro-Fit marker boards were designed to fit over old display boards that you might like to replace. This allows the dry erase board installation process to be quick and simple. 

These Marsh Industries dry erase boards also have a porcelain steel surface making the marker board magnetic. You have the option to choose a specific height and width of the Retro-Fit dry erase board, so your marker board will be Made to Order and returns will not be possible for this item.

HPL Series

Marsh’s High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) Series dry erase boards come in aluminum or solid oak.  More specifically, the product’s trim and shelf tray are available in aluminum or solid oak.


Marsh’s Remarkaboards Series dry erase boards also come in either aluminum or solid oak for the trim and shelf tray. The dry-erase portion of the board is white and is usually resistant to staining and water damage.

Check the Lead Time for the Marsh visual display boards you desire. If the Lead Time of the product displays the words In Stock, this means that we currently have that marker board in our warehouse stock and that it’s ready to ship from there. If the Marsh visual display board’s product description shows a 1 week lead time but the factory has the product in stock, then the item will ship to you straight from the factory.

About Marsh Industries, Inc.

Marsh Industries, Inc. initially started in back in 1914 in in Dover, OH. The Marsh company journey began when a handful of Marsh family members put together the Marsh Lumber Company. Marsh began manufacturing visual display products when the Marsh Chalkboard Division was developed in 1958.

It wasn’t until 1995 that the marker board product manufacturer changed its name to Marsh Industries, Inc. After experiencing their long growth period, the company now prides themselves on being on the list of largest display board manufacturers in the entire U.S.

Robert Brooke is an established distributor of Marsh Industries visual display boards. The Marsh visual display boards that we sell are readily available for purchase on our site right now.

Marsh Dry Erase Board Distributors

Do you have any questions about the Marsh dry erase boards that we carry? Are you looking to make unique specifications when ordering your Marsh Industries dry erase board product? Give us a call at (800) 642-2403 to tell us the details of your marker board order. You can also email us at Sales@RobertBrooke.com to ask us any Marsh Industries dry erase board questions you have.

We will respond to you promptly and even guide you along in the ordering process if you would like. Please do not hesitate to relay your marker board questions to our trusted staff members so that we can begin assisting you immediately. The sooner we help, the sooner you can begin setting up your new Marsh visual display boards in your classroom or office.

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  1. Marsh Pro-Rite 4' x 16' Dry Erase Board Alum w/ Tray-PR-416

    Pro-Rite® Markerboards

    • PR-Series boards available with 1" maprail at no extra charge.
    • Magnetic porcelain steel surface available in white or black.
    • Trim and full-length shelf tray available in satin anodized aluminum or solid oak.

    Marsh Advantage

    • Marker packet sent with each markerboard.
    • Installation hardware sent with board.
    • M-Class Packaging System offers the best protection in the industry during shipping.
    • Custom Pro-Rite® sizes available, call with specifications.

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