Exit Devices

Exit Devices and Hardware to Ensure Safety in Your Commercial Building

At Robert Brooke & Associates, we are known for being a top distributor of exit devices (also sometimes called panic devices) and hardware from highly-esteemed and trusted brands throughout the door security industry. The exit devices we have available can be newly installed on doors in various facilities with a constant inflow of visitor traffic. We also sell door hardware that can replace old or worn down hardware on your previously-installed devices.

Having a security system in place on doors has become crucial to the safety of visitors in a building. Whether in a school, office, or another type of building, regulars and visitors deserve to feel safe. One reason we entered into the industry was to be able to provide consumers with exit devices that can potentially minimize danger in buildings everywhere.

Our selection consists of surface vertical rod devices, concealed vertical rod devices and more. Don’t forget, we also have a wide selection of replacement hardware to keep your exit devices up-to-date and in excellent condition.

Exit Device Manufacturers

We carry several different styles of exit devices all made by reputable manufacturers. From Dorma exit devices to exit devices by Von Duprin, we have what you’ve been searching for! Plus, we have replacement door hardware for these devices from several first-rate brands in the industry. For a brief overview of each manufacturer and their products available in our selection, see below. 

High-Quality Exit Devices 

Our website offers a convenient search tool so that customers are able to do a quick search for a specific item they are looking for. If there is no specific search in mind, browsing the array of panic devices will assist in narrowing down the options.

Our available selection includes surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, touch bar, push bar, heavy-duty exit devices and a number of other styles that you can order straight from our website. With several of these, you will have the option to choose the color, finish and size that you prefer.

Make note of whether you will need to order panic devices that work on single doors or ones that work on double doors for your installation project. Depending on the product, the panic devices on our website can work on either single or double. Reading the details will also tell you whether they are left-handed, right-handed or non-handed. 

Click on the product image or text to find more dimensional and pricing information, along with the type of doors that the product can be used with. Remember to keep this information in mind when ordering your panic devices for your school, business, office, organization, athletic center or other facility.

Door Hardware for Exit Devices

We also carry an assortment of hardware for when a replacement part is needed to repair an exit device. The type of hardware that is required to make repairs to your exit device will depend on what type of device has been installed on the commercial building doors.

Dog keys, strike plate assemblies, end caps, dogging pins, mounting base kits, solenoids, lever trims, lever springs, spring retainer hubs and screws are just a few of the replacement parts that we have available in our online selection. Whatever the reason be that you require new hardware, we have the best replacement parts for you that will do just the trick. We can help you choose the best hardware to get your exit device working good as new.

Check Out Our Shipping and Handling Policy

Be sure to read our online product descriptions of each device and piece of hardware that you are interested in purchasing. The product description will have the shipping details for that particular item.

The shipping times will vary. If the Lead Time next to the product is In Stock, then the items that you chose to order will be shipped from our warehouse with no delay. The Lead Time for a product can also be a day, a week or more. In this case, your order will take longer to ship because it will be coming from the manufacturer.

Order Your Exit Devices Online

Buy your exit devices and door hardware online today! We not only have a supply of Sargent exit devices and exit devices by Von Duprin, but we also have so much more that can be shipped to you immediately. 

We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your order and that any question you have is answered in a timely manner. Contact us with questions before you move forward with checking out and we will give you expert answers.

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  1. Von Duprin 9927 Exit Device

    Von Duprin 9827/9927 surface mounted vertical rod device for all types of single or double doors, UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1. Covers stock hollow metal doors with 86 or 161 cutouts. The Von Duprin 9827 device has a smooth mechanism case and the Von Duprin 9927 device has a grooved case. The surface vertical rod device is non-handed.

    As low as $2,176.60
  2. Von Duprin EL99 Exit Device Only

    This is the same trusted Von Duprin 99 with Electric Latch Retraction, also known as EL.

    The EL feature allows for the remote unlatching of exit devices. A control station operator can flip a switch to retract the latch bolt and immediately change an exit door to push-pull operation. A powerful, continuous duty solenoid retracts the latch bolt, either for momentary unlatching, or for extended periods of time. The EL feature is an alternative to manual dogging.

    The rim device is non-handed.
    A power supply is required for operation, see related products.
    Ships with all the mounting screws and the 299 Strike.

    As low as $2,417.19
  3. Von Duprin 8827 Exit Device

    Von Durpin 8827 surface mounted vertical rod devicesfor all types of single and double
    doors, UL listed for accident hazard installations.Covers stock hollow metal doors
    with 86 or 161 cutouts and fits door stiles as narrow as 3½" (90mm).

    ● Fully reversible
    ● Five popular finishes
    ● Field sizeable
    ● Hex key dogging
    ● 5/8"(16mm)throw latch bolt

    Ships with all mounting screws and the 299, 304L and 248L-4 Strikes.

    As low as $2,154.63
  4. Von Duprin 3327A Exit Device Only

    Von Duprin 3327A Exit Device Only

    3327A and 3527A for all types of single and double doors, UL listed for Panic Exit Hardware. Devices are ANSI A156.3 – 2001 Grade 1. The 3527A has a smooth mechanism case and the 3327A has grooved case. 3327A/3527A fits door stiles as narrow as 1-3/4". Newly designed device has a one piece center case cover.

  5. Sargent 8700 Exit Device

    For Doors Wood or metal. 1-3/4" (44 mm) thick standard.
    minimum stile with trim and 3-1/2"
    Mounting Supplied standard with wood and machine screws
    Chassis Cover Cold drawn brass, bronze or stainless steel
    Chassis Nonferrous alloy
    Hand Handed. Specify RHRB or LHRB
    Dogging Feature Allen-type dogging furnished standard.
    Top and Bottom Bolts Brass, stainless steel

    As low as $2,193.22
  6. Sargent 9898 Rim Device

    For Doors Wood or metal. 1 3/4" (44.5mm) thick standard. 2 1/4"(57mm) thick on order.
    4 1/8" (105mm) miminum stile
    Mounting Supplied standard with wood and machine screws.
    Chassis Cover Brass, bronze or stainless steel
    Chassis Nonferrous alloy
    Crossbar 1" brass, bronze and stainless steel tubing.
    Hand Reversible
    Dogging Standard Allen key dogging

    As low as $2,204.70
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