Locker Handles

We have many kinds of locker handles for sale on our locker hardware web store. Feel free to take a peek at our replacement locker handles if your lockers currently lack adequate parts.

In 1970, our company started off exclusively selling locker parts. We have built the company over time into a larger business that sells hardware from various categories. With 54 years selling handle replacement parts for lockers, we have developed quite the expertise in this arena.

We distribute locker door handles that were made by some of the best locker parts manufacturers. As we’ve grown close with and developed relationships with these storage locker handle manufacturers, we’ve recognized the time and effort they put into producing such stellar products. We are proud partners of these manufacturing companies, and we admire their dedication to quality and great service.

If you’re in charge of locker maintenance for a school, gym, healthcare facility or business, then you’ll probably want to have a trusted source that you can easily buy replacement locker handles from. We hope you’ll make us your number one source for your gym or school locker handles.

Whether you’re looking for a locker handle assembly, locker handle case or locker handle lift, we are dedicated to delivering the best commercial hardware at the best price. Our highly qualified and experienced sales representatives are ready to help you, so call us today.

Locker Handles for Sale

At RBA, we sell Old Style handles and an assortment of other kinds of locker door handles. Our selection includes not only locker door handles, but also the parts that go with them. We have right handed and left handed locker lifts, locker handle cases, locker handle slides and more.

All of these locker door handles were made from heavy-duty material with high security in mind. They are guaranteed to keep your bookbags, clothing, jackets, hats, gym clothes and other belongings safe from theft if they are properly locked.

The replacement locker handles that we have are not just limited to use for lockers in schools and colleges. The ones we sell on our website can be used in a number of establishments. You can find storage locker handles for fitness centers and employee break rooms on our website, too.

If you know the brand you require, key in a quick search for the manufacturer. If we sell replacement locker handles from that manufacturer then the handles should pop up on our site.

Rely on our experts to answer your questions about material, size, shape, pricing, product information and fitting applications for particular handles. Order your products with confidence that it will be the right handle or handle part for your building's storage lockers.

You can expect to receive your replacement storage locker handles one to two weeks after you put in your order. Our shipments can travel anywhere within the U.S. and Canada.

Locker Handle Replacement Products

From handle lifts and handle cases to handle slides and handle case pins, we have the replacement parts to fix your worn-out storage locker handles. To gather more information on the types that we have for sale on our website, contact our office by phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or email our professionals at if you would like to find out more about the locker door handles we distribute.

Our experts are ready to help you determine which locker part you need for your school or gym lockers. Whether you’re replacing your Penco locker handles, Republic locker handles or Lyon locker handles, we have the replacement locker handles you require. Just let us know what type of locker you have and we will let you know which locker handles will work best for you.

You can ask us about a specific handle that you had in mind or about your order, payment methods, shipping locker door handles and more. We are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays Eastern Time. Reach out to us about your storage locker handle order and one of our skilled team members will be with you shortly.

You can ask us about installing these handles on your school lockers or on other lockers. Ask us anything you have in mind regarding our products and we will let you know our professional opinion on the matter. Please feel free to contact us with your locker handle inquiries. We’re ready to chat!

Please refer to our Robert Brooke & Associates Locker Catalog for more details.

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  1. Lyon Metal Locker Handle-Old Style

    Lyon Metal Locker Handle, 1 piece locker handle, used in January 1957- November 1965. Also known as 6738, 40109, 75006, ly2202, ll1766. Screws included.

  2. All Steel Locker Handle Assembly

    All Steel Equipment Locker Handle Assembly, include case, lift and screws. All UnPlated. Hole spacing 3-3/8" on case portion, over all length 4-1/4". Also known as 10101, 5100, 77002, as8801, las102. These Handles are not Plated****
  3. Medart Locker Handles 2 Piece

    Medart Locker Handle, comes with both pieces and screws. Also known as 50109, 1007mp, 80030, me5523, lmd909.
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