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LockersWe have a wide selection of affordable parts options for your commercial location. Our online store offers an easy solution for locations such as educational institutions and gyms. Whether you need locker parts such as handles, hinges, latches, bars, and more, we have the hardware you’re looking for. 

Robert Brooke Locker Parts Catalog

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  1. Ceiling Mount Double Locker Hooks

    Double Prong Ceiling Hook

    Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Steel Wire.
    2-3/4" height
    3-1/2" wide
    1/4" diameter wire
    7/8" hole spacing

  2. J Hook Ceiling Mount Locker Hook

    J Hook Ceiling Mount Locker Hook zinc plated steel. The overall height is 2-5/8" x 1-7/16" width. The two center mounting holes are 1/2" between screws. Manufacturer's part number is 650-3124. This material is zinc plated steel. 3/16" material used.

  3. Single Prong Hook

    Single Prong Locker Hooks for school type lockers. The hook is made from a metal 3/16" diameter tube x 3-1/4" ht x 2" width. These locker hooks are wall mounted to the locker back or sides. The hole spacing is 3/4" or 1-1/4", the top hole is 1/4" round with the two lower as 3/8" slots. Also known as 9010, 81006, bu0111, lu126, 8697.

  4. Double Prong Locker Hook

    Double prong ceiling hooks are mounted to the inside top of a locker to hang a jacket, hat or other items. The locker hook is made of steel wire then zinc plated for a shiny finish 3/16" diameter. The dimensions top to bottom are 2-5/16" and 3-5/8" overall width. Between hole spacing is 1/2"-1" slot. Also known as 91001, 9005, 81007, bu0112, lu125.

  5. Lock Hole Filler Plate

    Lock Hole Filler Plate for Lockers, Hole Spacing 2-3/16"
    Used for covering up the 3 holes that are used for a built in master lock. Made in the USA. Also known as 91003, 70024, bu0115, lu124.

  6. Locker Door Knob

    Heavy Duty Locker Door Knob for Two Person Locker upper doors, includes 703208 Screw. Also known as 70080, bu0113.

  7. Locker Number Tags, 1-3/4" Hole Spacing

    Locker Number Plates fits most lockers except Lyon. Make sure to add what numbers you are looking for. 1-600 in stock, anything over 4-6 weeks. Only numbers can be on the number plates, No names on plates. Pop rivets included. Overall size 2-5/16" x 1-1/16". Manufactured in the USA. Also known as 99001, 70072, bu0110, lu122.

    Note: Blank number plates are available and in stock, with no numbers on them. Pop rivets are included. Each number plate you need is quantity one. Ten plates equal qty 10 for ordering. Note 6 numbers is a maximum per number plate.

  8. Locker Padlock Staple

    Locker Padlock Staple with angle base. Stamped steel construction with zinc plating, .087" thick. See images under "More View" for dimensional data. Made in the USA. Also known as 30711, bu0114, las104.

  9. Locker Padlock Staple Flat

    Padlock Staple for Lockers

    Stamped steel construction with zinc plating, .087" thick. Made in the USA.

  10. Slotless Bolt 10-24 x 3/8

    Locker Slotless Bolt 10-24 x 3/8 for locker hinges, number plates, locker sides, tops, bottoms and more.

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