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  1. Doromatic Exit Device 1790 Latch Pin PB320

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Latch Pin. This is the 1790 latch bolt axle.

    The other component of this part would be the GPB328 Latch Retaining Ring Retaining

    Doromatic part # 969467-89 or PB320

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown

  2. Doromatic Exit Device 1790 8-5/8" FPHSMS Screw PB324

    Dor-o-matic 1790 Center Case Cover Screw

    For devices shipped before September, 2004

    Doromatic part # SCREW.1025 or PB324

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown

  3. Doromatic 1790 Channel Spacer PB326

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Channel Spacer. This part is used on Dor-o-Matic 1790's with an outside key cylinder.

    Doromatic part # SPACER.107 or PB326

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown

  4. Doromatic 2390 Lift Bracket

    Doromatic 2390 Lift Bracket

    This cadium plated bracket attaches to the concealed vertical rods. When the push bar is depress, it raises and lowers the brackets and the rods. The bracket measures 2-7/8" long by 5/8" wide and has an overall projection of 3/4"

    Falcon / Doromatic Part # BRKT.143

  5. Doromatic 2390 Fixed Cover

    Doromatic 2390 Fixed Cover

    The Doromatic 2390 Fixed Cover also known as the center case cover. The cover is 1-1/2" wide by 3-7/16" high and projects out 2 inches. The mounting screws are 3" on center.

    Doromatic / Falcon Part # COVER.127 or PB341

  6. Doromatic 2390 Moving Pushbar End Cap

    Doromatic 2390 Moving Pushbar End Cap

    Doromatic 2390 Moving Pushbar End Cap is the piece that fits on the end of the pushbar. The Endcap is 3-3/8" high by 1/4" thick, with an 1-7/8" projection. The Pushbar End Cap is constructed of die cast metal that is painted black.

    Doromatic / Falcon Part # PB342 or ECAP.143

  7. Doromatic Exit Device 1790 NL/HB Cylinder Assembly Slider PB344

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Slider. This is one on the components used in the NL/HB Cylinder Assy

    Doromatic part # SLIDER.101 or PB344

    Dor-o-Matic 1790 Repair Parts Breakdown

  8. Dor-o-Matic 2390 Fixed Cover Screw

    Dor-o-Matic 2390 Fixed Cover Screw

    The Doromatic 2390 Fixed Cover Screw is the screw that holds the Fixed Cover on. The screw is a 12-14 x 1/2" long UFPH MS Type 25 Screw. This is a self tapping screw.

    Doromatic / Falcon Part # SCREW.1088 or PB350

  9. Doromatic Exit Device 1990 Repair Kit PBX-2

    Dor-o-Matic 1990 repair kit. The kit includes the following:
    4 Mounting Studs
    1 Hex Key 7/32"
    1 Allen Key 1/8"
    1 Pinion
    1 Cylinder Bushing
    2 Rod Bushings
    1 Retractor
    1 Traveller Assy

    Doromatic part # 4270902091 or PBX-2

    1990 parts breakdown

  10. Falcon Dor-o-matic RM70 Mullion Bracket Package

    The Falcon Dor-O-Matic RM70 Mullion Bracket Kit includes the top and bottom brackets and all of the mounting screws. 

    Falcon part # 4270108954

  11. Falcon STK70 Mullion Strike

    The Falcon Doromatic Adjustable Mortise STrike STK70 is used on their mullions.  This is the strike that fits in the tear drop shapped mullion. They measure 2-3/8 inches tall by 1-7/16 inches wide and are 1" thick.  They are sold in sets, enough for 1 mullion.

  12. Falcon STK170 Mullion Strike Kit

    The Dor-O-Matic STK170 are the strikes used on their RM170.  The are sold as a kit and include both plates, enough for one mullion.  They 2-7/8 inches tall by 1-3/4 inches wide and 1 inch thick.

  13. Doromatic PS914x900-2RS Power Supply

    Doromatic PS914x900-2RS Power Supply

    Base Power Supply (4A(16A inrush) @12/24 VDC field selectable) with 2 Relay board output. US294 Listed for Access Control, Class 2 rated power limited output. 12" high by 14" wide by 4" deep enclosure.

    Related part #'s PS914 and 900-2RS

  14. Dor-o-Matic Falcon EL1690-EL1790-EL2390 Solenoid

    The Dor-o-Matic Falcon 4758959 Soleniod is used on the EL1690, EL1790, and EL2390 Electric Latch Retraction exit devices.  The Solenoid measures 4-1/8 inches long including mouting flange, and has an 1-3/4 inch diameter.  The mounting screw spacing is 1 inch on centers. The Plunger is included and has a 7/8 inch diameter and is 2-15/16 inches long.  We find the number 971687 on the solenoid. 

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