ASI Storage Solutions

ASI Storage Solutions

At RBA Lockers, we carry a wide selection of affordable ASI locker hardware options for your commercial lockers. Our online store offers a quick and easy solution for purchasing ASI locker parts when needed. We carry lift triggers, latch clips, handles, coiled springs, lock bars and more locker products that were manufactured by the ASI brand. 

Having a designated locker hardware supplier is important when you work in places such as fitness centers and educational facilities. Many schools and gyms will have ASI lockers installed, in which case knowing where to order new ASI locker hardware in the event of damage will be a must. Make RBA Lockers your go-to supplier and easily order ASI locker hardware online from us whenever you require a replacement part for the lockers in your school or gym. 

ASI has been in business for years and is still delivering some of the best storage solutions and ASI locker hardware in the industry today. An ASI locker installed in your school or fitness center indicates the promise of quality and durability. Even so, with any locker, there will be times when a part will get damaged or wear out over time. Thus, purchasing replacement ASI locker hardware will be necessary at some point.

For instance, many locker manufacturers in today’s industry produce lockers that have a locker handle that requires you to lift up to open. These locker handles link to a lock bar which will only be able to function properly when it has a specific type of clip attached to it. These clips often break, but they can be quickly and easily replaced for an inexpensive price when you order from our webstore.

Several of the ASI locker parts that we supply, such as the Nylon Latch Clip, are in stock at our warehouse and ready to be shipped out today. There are a few ASI locker parts that may have a Lead Time of a week or so because they are coming from the manufacturer’s factory. Let us know if we can help in any way and we will be sure to get you the right ASI locker hardware for the job.

ASI Storage Solutions And Locker Parts

One of the most popular ASI locker parts that we sell is the ASI Locker Nylon Latch Clip. This piece of ASI locker hardware can not only be used with ASI lockers, but it can also be used with lockers made by Penco, List Industries and Edsal. If you need to replace a 60501, 8651, ls645, lp8827, pn3310, 4125 or 74016, then this is the correct ASI locker hardware for the job.

Another popular type of ASI locker hardware that we carry is the ASI Locker Lock Bar 20-⅞ Inches. For this item, the lock bar, latch clips, lifter, coiled springs and trigger are all included in the package. This is an important ASI locker part because its basic function is to keep the locker latched shut and to aid in opening it when necessary.

We also sell ASI lock bars in other sizes. You can purchase both the ASI Locker Lock Bar 27 Inches and the ASI Locker Lock Bar 50-7/16 Inches from our web store. Our associates can even help you figure out which size will work on the locker you are fixing.

We also carry other ASI locker hardware such as a few types of locker handles. One of these is the ASI Locker Recess Handle for Single Point Latching. This piece of ASI locker hardware should be installed on lockers that do not have moving parts. It is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and is ADA compliant.

Similarly, we also sell the ASI Locker Recess Handle for Multi Point Latching option. This ASI locker hardware is also constructed of stainless steel and complies with ADA standards. The main difference is that it should be used with lockers that have moving parts.

Another type of ASI locker hardware that we distribute is the ASI Locker Coiled Spring. This spring can be used with ASI lockers plus lockers that were manufactured by List Industries, Edsal and Penco. This coiled spring works together with the latch clip on a locker’s lock bar. This ASI locker hardware is used as a catch and release in order to lock or unlock the door when prompted by the lift on the locker handle.

Be sure to browse the rest of the ASI locker hardware that we distribute. We have plenty of ASI locker hardware that our customers can make a selection from.

About The ASI Locker Parts Manufacturer

ASI Storage Solutions is part of the ASI Group and started manufacturing high-quality lockers in the early 2000’s. They produce storage solutions and ASI locker hardware that can be used in educational institutions, gyms, hospitals and more. Not only do they manufacture lockers, but they also make shelves, cubbies and other kinds of storage products.

ASI lockers come in different colors and are constructed of plastic, phenolic or steel that is powder coated depending on your preference. ASI lockers are also very user friendly as they are compliant with both ADA and LEED standards.

Aside from lockers, the ASI Group also manufactures bathroom stalls, washroom accessories and an assortment of visual display items. Here at RB Lockers, we carry ASI lockers and ASI locker hardware that can be conveniently ordered from our website.

Contact ASI Locker Hardware Professionals

Get in touch with us so that we can answer the questions you have about the ASI locker hardware we sell online. You can give us a call or reach us by email to let us know what ASI locker hardware questions have arisen during your search. Whether you would like to find out more about size, shape, function or pricing of a certain replacement ASI locker hardware product, our professional team is here to provide you with the answers that you seek.

Call our Troy, Michigan office at 1 (800) 642-2403 or send an email to with all of your ASI locker hardware inquiries. We also provide the option of messaging your ASI locker hardware inquiries to us through Live Chat on our website. Contact us today so that we can assist you with your ASI locker hardware order.

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  1. Penco Locker Trigger

    Penco Locker Lift Trigger only, Clear in color. Also known as 9687. Note use pop rivet part number 108695. The trigger mounts to the recess lifter to protect your finger. The trigger can be painted in the field and only come in clear color. 

  2. ASI Locker Nylon Latch Clip

    ASI Locker Nylon Latch Clip used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8651, 60501, 4125, 74016, pn3310, lp8827, ls645. This part attaches to the lock bar that rides vertically and latches on the locker frame hook to secure and lock it. This is a very common part to break due to it being a plastic catch clip.

  3. ASI Locker Coiled Spring

    ASI Locker Coiled Spring used with ASI, Edsal, List Industries and Penco lockers. Manufactured in the USA for the past 25 + Years. Also known as 8650, 4120, 74015, pn3305, lp8828. This spring is used with the catch clip on a lock bar on the inside of the locker door that helps catch and release the door from being locked or unlocked.

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