We have the Penco lockers parts you need when upgrading the hardware on your Penco brand lockers. We provide a wide selection of affordable replacement Penco locker hardware options for your commercial lockers. From Penco locker latch clips and Penco locker handles to Penco locker number plates, we have a multitude of Penco locker replacement parts ready to ship out.

We have had the pleasure of working with universities, YMCAs, businesses, warehouses and more. Penco lockers can also be found in locker rooms inside of schools, gyms and recreation centers, break rooms and even in hospitals.

Our seasoned team members have the knowledge and skills to get you the best Penco locker hardware for your specific locker requirements. We developed a convenient platform for customers to order Penco locker hardware from anywhere with ease. At Robert Brooke & Associates, we have been selling Penco replacement locker parts for many years. You can easily shop from the comfort of your home for replacement Penco locker parts on our website. Order Penco lock bars, Penco locker door jambs, Penco locker latch clips and Penco locker handles from our site and we will conveniently have them shipped to your home or office.

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If you’re in charge of locker maintenance for your school or gym, look no further. We have the Penco locker parts for you. Next time you need a replacement part for a locker, you can easily order your new Penco locker handles, Penco lock bars, door jambs, hinges, lift triggers and more right here on our website.

Whether you need Penco locker parts such as Penco locker handles, recessed locker handles or standard pull handles, locker springs, nylon latch clips, hinges, door jambs, lift triggers, lock bars, and more, we have the hardware you’re looking for. You can use Penco locker hardware on your Penco plastic lockers, Penco metal lockers, Penco Stadium locker, Penco Guardian lockers, Penco Invincible II lockers and more. Penco locker parts can also be used on different sizes and shapes of lockers from the Penco lockers Vanguard line.

Most locker manufacturers provide lockers with a simple locker handle you lift up on which is connected to a lock bar that runs vertically on the inside of the door and releases from the frame of the locker. All lock bars have a clip on them that break often and are replaced inexpensively and quickly, this includes Penco lock bars.

Do you have a Penco locker handle that is falling apart? Quickly installing a new Penco locker handle will be your best bet. We carry the stainless steel Penco Recess Locker Handle. This Penco locker handle is made of stainless steel so that it can endure being continuously used when opening and closing the locker door it is attached to.

We carry Old Style Penco Locker Handles and Penco Locker Handle Assembly hardware. Let us know if you have questions about what type of locks go with these Penco locker handles.

Our web store also has the Penco locker hardware to complete Penco locker handles. One example is the Penco Locker Lift Trigger which is a part that was made to protect fingers when using the recess lifter. A compatible part for the lift trigger is the Penco Pop Rivet.

Aside from the aforementioned Penco locker hardware, we have a variety of Penco locker door jambs, Penco lock bars and Penco locker latch clips you can look over. Discover what other Penco locker hardware we currently have in stock and compare products.

About The Penco Locker Parts Manufacturer

Penco has been a successful manufacturing company for decades. The company was initially launched in 1869 by L. Lewis Sagendorph. Back then, the company was called Penn Metal Corporation of Pennsylvania. In the beginning stages, the company was mainly concerned with making steel culvert pipes. They soon expanded their inventory to include lockers, locker hardware and more. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the company name was changed to Penco Products.

The Penco Products corporate building is located in Greenville, North Carolina. The Penco Products Center for Design Excellence is in Salt Lake City, Utah where their products are still in the early stages of development.

Penco's collection of products is not limited to their reputable lockers. Penco also offers an assortment of other storage solutions. Their collection includes pallet racks, garment dispensers, shelving and mor

At Robert Brooke & Associates, we sell Penco locker replacement parts because when it comes to lockers, Penco has been a reputable name for a long time. There are still many school lockers that have Penco on the name tags. We’re sure you can probably find the name on many gym lockers, too.

Penco Locker Hardware Distributors

For help with assembling your Penco locker parts, refer to the Penco lockers installation instructions. If you need more instructions on replacing your Penco locker parts, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please let us know if you would like help with determining which Penco locker hardware you should order for your locker. To receive more information about delivery times, payment method, shipping and handling, call Robert Brooke & Associates’ main phone at 1 (800) 642-2403 or email your Penco locker hardware inquiries to

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  1. Penco Locker DT Lock Bar 21-1/2" Length, 1966 TO 1996

    Penco Locker Double Tier lock bar, for a 60" ht locker, 21-1/2" length. Used 1966 - 1996. Used with the recess handle or the vanguard locker handle (2-piece assembly). 2 Nylon Latch Clips and springs included. Old Style Penco Lock Bar.
  2. Penco Locker dt Lock Bar 21" Length, 1966 To Current

    Penco Locker Double Tier lock bar, for a 60" ht locker, 21" length. Used 1996 - current. Used with the recess handle or the vanguard locker handle (2-piece assembly). Also known as 626572c in gray color. 2 Nylon Latch Clips and springs included.

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