Monarch Panic Devices

Order your Monarch panic devices online today! Monarch panic devices along with their replacement hardware have been used in commercial businesses for at least a century. Depending on the specific product, these surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, rim, and mortise Monarch panic devices can be used on a few types of doors including single doors and double doors. 

Install the high-quality Monarch panic devices on the doors in your facility. Stay up to date on repairs needed over time. When replacing a part becomes necessary, you can count on Robert Brooke & Associates to provide you with the right Monarch panic device parts for your repair.

Monarch panic devices have a Grade 1 rating, which is the highest score it can receive. Note: 904H List Door Hardware is typically found on all of the Monarch/Falcon panic devices.

Shop Monarch Panic Devices

Check out the Monarch panic devices that we sell online! This includes products from a few different Monarch/Falcon panic device series.

One Monarch panic device that we carry is the Monarch 19-R rim device. It is non-handed for left or right hand use on wood or metal doors. Color options include stainless, dark bronze, and aluminum in either 36 inches or 48 inches. 

We also stock the Monarch 19-V which is a vertical rod Monarch panic device for use on wood or metal doors. The 19 Series devices are perfect for when low-cost, heavy-duty hardware is needed. Color options include aluminum and dark bronze in either 36 inches or 48 inches.

Another option we offer is the Monarch 24-R Series rim device. This non-handed Monarch panic device can be used on wood or metal doors. Color options include stainless steel, dark bronze, and aluminum for either a 28 to 36-inch door width or a 36.5 to 48-inch door width.

Another Monarch panic device that we stock is the Monarch 25-R rim device. This non-handed, heavy-duty Monarch panic device is made for use on wood or metal doors. Available colors include stainless steel, dark bronze, dark brown, and aluminum with door widths to choose from, as well.

You can also check out the Monarch 25-V vertical rod device, intended for use in high-traffic facilities. Available colors include dark bronze, brushed chrome, and aluminum for either a 36-inch wide by 84-inch high door or a 48-inch wide by 84-inch high door.

There are a number of replacement parts available to order for the 24 Series and the 25 Series. (Devices of the same price typically have very few parts available).

The XX Series Monarch panic devices were discontinued in 2019, but some of their replacement parts are still available to order from us. Be sure to check out the Monarch panic hardware we have available for when your Monarch panic device can use a repair. We have several replacement parts that might be necessary for your upgrade. 

When ordering replacement parts for your Monarch panic device, you can select the color and style that match your device best. It is our goal to make your ordering process go as smoothly as possible when you order Monarch panic device parts from us. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you would like assistance with determining which replacement parts are meant to be installed with your Monarch exit device. If you can provide us with details about the Monarch exit device you are repairing, then we can point you in the right direction to the replacement parts you will need to fix it. 

History of the Monarch Panic Device Company

The Monarch company was founded in Shepherdsville, Kentucky as a family-owned business in the 1920s. Monarch remained family-owned up until the 1990s when it was first sold to Newman Tonks PLC. It was later sold to Ingersoll-Rand in 1998. 

You may have come across Monarch panic devices under a different brand name. Both Monarch and Dor-o-matic were rebranded to Falcon by Ingersoll-Rand in 2007. The Falcon line and others were then moved to the Allegion product line in 2012. At Robert Brooke & Associates, we carry the Monarch/Falcon panic devices to fit your needs!

When Will My Monarch Exit Device Package Ship?

While our warehouse has some of these Monarch panic devices in stock and ready to ship, some have a 1-week lead time and will ship a week after you order. If you order a custom-sized Monarch exit device, certain finishes, or certain replacement hardware, then these can take up to 2 weeks to ship as they are factory orders.

Contact Us With Order Inquiries

We can help to ensure that you are ordering the right Monarch panic devices for your door. Contact our office and our knowledgeable staff will be ready to answer your questions. Our office is open for calls Monday through Friday during EST business hours to provide assistance with your Monarch panic device order.

Place your order of Monarch panic devices today so that you receive it in no time! Soon enough, you will be ready to begin installing your device.

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  1. Monarch Falcon 25-V Vertical Rod Exit Device

    Monarch Falcon 25-V Vertical Rod Exit Device

    The Monarch Falcon 25-V is designed for high-traffic applications were added strength and durability are required.  The device includes all strikes and mounting screws required for installation.  Available in 3' and 4' devices, the 3' device is for doors 30" to 36", the 4' device is for doors that are 37" up to 48" wide.  The vertical rods furnished with this device are for doors up to 7' tall, if your doors are taller, please contact us.

    As low as $950.91
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